Early Access Program Features

More source codes! New EAP of DataGrip 2016.3

Hello! We have a new EAP build out which is very important.

Now DataGrip shows triggers and views source code and lets you find usages of tables/views inside other views, stored procedures and functions.

So how does that work? The IDE loads the source code of major types of objects and puts them into local storage. This opens up many new possibilities, so let’s briefly go over them.

To make this storage work, please re-synchronize your data source. Select Forget Schemas, and then click the Synс/Refresh button.


OK, now you’re ready. Most importantly, now you can find usages of objects inside the source code of other objects. For instance, you can learn in which stored procedures, functions or views your table is used. As usual, press Alt+F7 on the table name or call it from the context menu.


In the Usages window you can see a preview of the objects, i.e. the source code of the objects where your table is used.


What else? We’ve fixed many bugs related to source code. Now DataGrip shows it for triggers in all popular management systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase.


View code is also shown correctly in all places. In addition to Copy DDL, there is a new action in the context menu now: Open DDL in Сonsole.


When you edit the source code of any object, DataGrip tracks your changes and highlights edited rows in the left editor panel. If you click on a highlighted row, a small toolbar is displayed with a Show Diff link. Click it to see the difference between the row you’ve changed and the one from the source code.


If there are lots of changes in many places, you can see all of them from the Database Changes window. Any individual change can be clicked to display the diff viewer as well.


Remember that you can manage which source codes will be loaded (or none at all) in the Options tab of datasouce properties, or from the context menu for many datasources at once.


That’s all for now! Please try all these new changes and let us know your opinion about them. We need to know your thoughts to polish all this before the official release in late November.

Your DataGrip Team


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