DataGrip 2017.2.1: Improved navigation

Hello! The first update for DataGrip 2017.2 is rather important.

In this release cycle, we are focused on improving navigation. As we wrote in our release blog-post, we divided Data and DDL tabs in the table data editor. There was a problem (well, our fault) that Edit Source wasn’t very visible on the toolbar and it was the only way to see the DDL of the table.

We added several enhancements:

— To see DDL of any database object go to Context menu → DDL and sources → Source editor.


— Use Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+B to switch between table’s Data and table’s DDL. It works in both directions. Also, there is the DDL button in the data editor toolbar


And the Data Editor button in the DDL editor.


— A new action is introduced called Select in the database view. Now there is no UI shortcut, but you can invoke it by Ctrl+Shift+A or define your own shortcut. Remember, that the same can be done in a more general way: press Alt+F1 on any object and choose Database view.


We continue working on that. If we still don’t cover your use case, please describe it in the comments.

Other fixes:

— Dump actions now work on files with attached console.
— DBE-4505 No wrong rounding in Oracle during import.
DBE-4902 More… link now works in Quick Evaluate.
— DBE-4953 Scrolling works in the database switcher for PostgreSQL.

DataGrip team

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6 Responses to DataGrip 2017.2.1: Improved navigation

  1. Avatar

    Tom says:

    August 11, 2017

    Well, since you asked: I’ve already described my use case here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-3178
    It’d be cool to have something like that for project with a “low-level” database access that rely on solid manually crafted database scheme and/or bunch of stored procedures.
    Currently data grip is a great tool for browsing the database and making small changes, but it’s completely incapable of designing one from scratch. That’s what i’d like to see.

  2. Avatar

    Gustavo Lopez says:

    August 16, 2017


    Do you plan support for Azure MySQL Server ?

  3. Avatar

    Rymson Balentien says:

    August 22, 2017

    Thank you guys very much for the DDL fix, much appreciated!

  4. Avatar

    Ricky McMaster says:

    September 7, 2017

    Hi guys, I really appreciate the Redshift support and other new features, but to be totally honest I much preferred the old use of Cmd+Click on a column name to take me to the database view. I cannot imagine a use case where I would want the DDL generated from a column name – for me, the Cmd+Click to DB view was ideal when dealing with a long script, where you couldn’t easily see the origin of column names.

    If I want the DDL, I’m happy to go to the table and do it from there. I realise that I could set a key mapping, but this does not apparently permit mouse clicks. Is there another solution for this that allows clicking? Cmd+Click was one of my most-used features.

    • Avatar

      Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      September 7, 2017

      But the caret is still going to the database tree by Cmd+Click, isn’t it?

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