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DataGrip 2018.3.1


Here comes the first minor update for 2018.3 with a few important improvements.

DataGrip had a usability problem where, every time you opened the source code, it showed you a version loaded during the indexing process. In fact, if someone had changed the source code from another place, DataGrip was unaware of it and thus displayed an outdated version of the DDL.

The thing is that DataGrip maintains a consistent database model at every moment to provide navigation and usage search. This means the IDE cannot update just one single DDL in the local storage as that would break the whole flow.

Now, if a source code object has been changed, you can get an alert. Go to the data source properties and turn on Notify when the outdated object is opened.


Then, when you open the source code, you’ll see a notification saying it’s been changed from elsewhere.


Another very important thing: we’ve finally fixed the problem with NULL instead of empty date in MySQL. Well, in fact, MySQL fixed it :) Now, if you work with new 8.0 JDBC driver, everything is OK.

Important! This new driver isn’t compatible with MySQL 5.1 and older. This means that the date problem will persist for those who use these old versions and will not be fixed until the database is updated.


— Comma position can now be detected automatically: see video.
— We’ve fixed the issue with connecting to PostgreSQL: DBE-7447
— The highlighting for ‘column aliases required‘ inspection works better: DBE-7314
— The color in the database tree is exactly the same as set: DBE-6558
Select in works in Search Everywhere: IDEA-197872
— Replace in pre-selected text works again: IDEA-200011
— We’ve fixed the bug with connecting to Redshift: DBE-7459

Thanks for reading!

The DataGrip Team

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