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DataGrip 2018.3.2


Here it is, the second minor update for 2018.3 with some added improvements. The most notable feature is:

Enum values can now be completed in the data editor. This works in both PostgreSQL and ClickHouse.

Screenshot 2019-01-22 14.11.50

Other important fixes we’ve made:

DBE-7561: DataGrip doesn’t change the default value of a column in MySQL.
DBE-7572: CREATE OR REPLACE is supported for MariaDB events.
DBE-7604: Hidden schemas are not used in comparison now.
DBE-7417: Report mismatch between expected/actual column count in the SQL Server OUTPUT clause is fixed.
DBE-7457, DBE-7458: DataGrip doesn’t report columns as unused in some false positive cases.

Thanks for reading!

The DataGrip Team

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