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DataGrip 2019.1.3

Hi! This is the third update for DataGrip 2019.1.

First, there are no more freezes after sleep! https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-210361

Also, we’ve fixed the annoying indentation in SQL Server that was happening after starting a new line.

Other fixes:

IDEA-176926 The All Places scope now includes scratch files and consoles. This is more important for anyone using the database plugin in other IDEs, and not DataGrip itself. In DataGrip scratches and consoles were already part of the All Places scope.
DBE-7993 The Formatter keeps the line break before INTO.
DBE-8223 The Formatter doesn’t break the code by quoting local variables.
DBE-8248 The Sublime keymap is bundled.
DBE-8133 Export into INSERT statements works again for Cassandra.

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