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DataGrip 2020.1 EAP 3

Hello! Here’s our next build for DataGrip 2020.1 EAP.

Better coding assistance for MongoDB

Now you have:

– Resolve and completion of collection names.
– Completion of methods.


Better exporting

In this release cycle, we have focused on making exporting more user-friendly.

First, we’ve cleaned up the menu:


Second, we’ve created a dialog window for exporting:


Mark as plain text

If you need to edit a really huge script, now you can mark it as plain text and open it for editing. Highlighting and coding assistance will be off, so you can modify it with no performance lags.


Stay tuned for more updates!

The DataGrip Team

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3 Responses to DataGrip 2020.1 EAP 3

  1. Avatar

    Ali Kadir BAĞCIOĞLU says:

    March 24, 2020

    I think should more coding assistance for MongoDB, especially filename completion and methods input parameter helpers

  2. Avatar

    Jakob Breivik Grimstveit says:

    March 26, 2020

    Great news! But what about MFA – will this be supported when released?

    • Avatar

      Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      March 26, 2020

      First decade of April