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DataGrip 2021.2 EAP 2

Hello! Another EAP build for 2021.2 is available! We would appreciate it if you would try it out and share your feedback with us. 

New location for projects

In DataGrip, projects are now located by default in the same place as they are in all other IntelliJ-based IDEs – in the user’s home folder, inside the DataGripProjects subfolder.

Your project in DataGrip is a complex of your data sources, console and scratch files, and attached folders. They were previously stored in the configuration folder, meaning that each time you updated your IDE, the projects were copied, along with IDE settings. This sometimes caused the data source list to become empty. This problem has been solved, and now DataGrip behaves consistently with other IDEs.

Due to errors in project migration, those who used the first EAP build might have lost their Favorites, Bookmarks, Run Configurations, or data about virtual foreign keys. To restore them, please migrate from the previous version again. The details are described here: DBE-13410.

[MongoDB] Completion of fields and operators

Our code completion has now come to the MongoDB console. 


What can be completed now:


Nested fields:

Fields inside aggregation expressions:

Additional information:

– Fields at the top level have a higher priority level than operators, and vice versa for nested fields.

– Field completion works in all methods except for db.collection.aggregate ([…]).

– Completion works in string literals, as well.

– In most cases, completion works when using parameters in scopes:


Completion works for:

Query operators

Projection operators

Update operators

Aggregation stages

Separate folders for functions and procedures

If you turn on the Separate Procedures and Function option in the settings of the database explorer (the gear icon), it will immediately take effect! For now, this is available for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

Natural sort order for database objects

If you turn off the Sort Alphabetically option in the database explorer settings, the natural sorting for objects is applied. 

Sort Alphabetically is off:

Sort Alphabetically is on:

[SQL Server] Linked Servers

This is not full support as you would expect, because metadata is not available for objects in linked servers. Linked servers are shown in the database explorer, and the DDL for their creation can be generated.

Code completion quality

We’ve fixed several bugs to improve the quality of code completion:

DBE-10515, DBE-2212: The objects from the schema of the current context have higher priority in the code completion list.

DBE-7781: Automatic alias doesn’t appear when it is not needed.

DBE-12018: Table qualification in JOIN completion works.

DBE-12479: The priority of ASC/DESC inside the ORDER BY clause has been increased.

DBE-13341: [PostgreSQL] Completion in GRANT/REVOKE statements works.

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