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DataGrip 2021.2 EAP 3

Hello! The third EAP build for 2021.2 is available! Try it out and share your feedback with us. 

[MongoDB] Add/delete column

Now there is the ability to add columns to MongoDB collections. This action lets you add a new field to any document of a collection.

Delete column will delete data not only on the page that is being displayed, but also throughout the whole collection.


We’ve made the behavior of the navigation bar more straightforward: the Enter key always expands the node. 

What the Enter key did before:

  • Opened data for tables
  • Opened consoles for data sources

If you want to navigate from the object in the navigation bar rather than opening its node, you can use these navigation shortcuts:

Open DDL: Ctrl/Cmd+B

Open data: F4

Select in the database tree: Alt/Opt+Shift+B

Separate nodes for triggers, keys, and indices

The new database tree option called Show Constraints and Triggers in the schema gives the separate nodes for triggers, keys, and indices.

Why is this useful?

  • To find an object inside one schema with the help of a quick search.
  • To see the columns just under the table node. To do this, the Show Empty Groups option must be turned off.

Better layout for diagrams

We have improved the algorithm that draws diagrams, so the names of the objects don’t overlap with relation lines anymore.

CockroachDB native introspection

CockroachDB will be fully supported in this release – DataGrip will no longer rely on JDBC-based introspection, but use the native one. 

This is much faster than JDBC-based introspection. Also, role, deftype, and check constraint weren’t introspected at all in the previous version. The full list of objects that are now introspected includes database, role, privilege, schema, sequence, deftype, table, view, mat view, index, column, and constraints. It’s a known issue that partitions are not introspected yet.

Another resolved issue is that DDL generation no longer includes the fake column for tables with primary keys.


create table tab
    col   int8,
    rowid int8 default unique_rowid() not null
        constraint "primary"
            primary key


create table tab
    col bigint
alter table tab
    owner to root;

Show scratch files action

A new Show Scratch Files action (found via Find Action: Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A) shows a list of scratches with snippets in a popup. It has the same UI as the Recent Locations popup with speed-search and deletion.

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