DataGrip 2012.1.3

Hello! We’ve released DataGrip 2012.1.3!

The problem of bad handshakes with old servers

Due to their security policy, Java dropped the usage of the TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 protocols. This caused a problem when connecting to old servers that accept only these protocols. As a fix, we now offer you the ability to explicitly turn on these protocols, though you need to keep in mind that doing so results in vulnerability issues. 

There may also be problems connecting to MySQL, even if the database supports the TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 protocols. Because of bugs on the server side, the driver disables TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 support for these versions. You can try enabling them. If the server returns a “bad handshake” error, disable these versions:

Other fixes

DBE-13287: Code completion now works in the Modify Table, even if the case doesn’t match.

DBE-13292: [SQL Server] Extended properties are not included in the generated DDL.

DBE-13350: [Oracle] Introspection is compatible with version 9i.


The DataGrip team

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DataGrip 2021.1.2

Hello! Today we’ve got a new minor update for DataGrip 2021.1. Let's see what’s been improved. Features DBE-13048: Some run configurations require the data source to be disconnected first. Now it’s possible to disconnect from a data source before launch. DBE-12906: We’ve introduced a Modify grants action. Introspection DBE-6276: [PostgreSQL] Support for security policies. DBE-13138 [Redshift] Support for sort keys for tables and views. DBE-13024: [Redshift] Fixed the bug with the completely failed introspection. DBE-12442: [Oracle] Source code is retrieved correctly for Oracle 9i. DBE-13146: [Oracle] Type attributes are retrieved correctly for Oracle 11. DBE-12954: [BigQuery] No more missing schemas. DBE-12166: [BigQuery] Creating a temporary function doesn't re-run the introspection. Navigation and search DBE-12901: It's possible to navigate to the data source from the Database tab of the search. DBE-11738: The Context data source scope works again in search. DBE-12968: Color settings are respected again in search. DBE-13090: View DDL from data works again. DBE-5341: Go to related symbol has been added to the context menu of the object in the code editor. DBE-4960: [PostgreSQL] Go to related symbol works for navigating from triggers to the related procedure, and vice versa. DBE-13033: Navigation by foreign keys supports references to one column. DBE-13037: Scroll from editor works from the data editor. DBE-12967: [SQlite] Full-Text Search uses LIKE to search within LONGVARCHAR fields. Data viewer DBE-5435, DBE-11780, DBE-12827, DBE-11591: Fixed some bugs with missing ctid columns. DBE-13150: The data diff viewer works again. DBE-13126: Text search works when invoked a second time. DBE-12985: [MySQL]: The default value for the date field is now correct. DBE-12940: The Toggle Soft-Wrap and Toggle Formatting buttons don't disappear anymore. DBE-12594: Formatted mode for XML no longer removes all spaces. Code generation DBE-8654: Run routine generated code contains qualified objects. DBE-12934: Argument direction is taken into account when modifying the routine. DBE-12873 [BigQuery] Int64 is the default type when creating a new column. DBE-12892 [BigQuery] Dropping views now works. Code highlighting DBE-9813: [Clickhouse] Support for CREATE DICTIONARY. DBE-12996: [Clickhouse] Support for EXISTS (database | dictionary | view) statements. DBE-12993: [Clickhouse] Correct syntax highlighting for CREATE OR REPLACE. DBE-12994: [BigQuery] Support for EXPORT DATA, TABLESAMPLE SYSTEM, CREATE SCHEMA, ALTER SCHEMA, and DROP SCHEMA. That's all for today! The DataGrip team