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DataGrip 2021.2.2

Today we’re releasing the second minor update for 2021.2, which introduces several important improvements and fixes.


DBE-2216: Wildcards are now considered as column usages.

DBE-13773: Ctrl/Cmd+Click from the navigation bar correctly navigates to the desired element.

DBE-8885: [SQL Server] Line numbers are included in error messages.

DBE-13732: [ClickHouse] There is now a special node for distributed tables in the database explorer.


DBE-12656: Enable DBMS_OUTPUT works immediately after being turned on.

DBE-13862: The Update and Delete fields are no longer hidden in the Modify Table dialog.

DBE-13278: The inspection that reports unsafe queries has become smarter.

DBE-13945: Ctrl/Cmd+N works as before in the data editor.

DBE-13907: [PostgreSQL] It’s possible to modify sequences in version 10 and lower.

DBE-13566: [Snowflake] We’ve fixed a problem preventing the import of large CSV files.

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