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DataGrip 2021.3: Aggregates, Database in VCS, Introspection levels in Oracle

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DataGrip 2021.3 is here! This is the third major update of 2021, and it’s packed with various enhancements. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer! For a detailed description of this update, please visit our What’s new page.

Data editor

  • Aggregates
  • Table view for tree nodes
  • Independent split
  • Custom font
  • Foreign key navigation by several values
  • Setting for default sorting
  • Display mode for binary data
  • [MongoDB] Completion for filter {} and sort {}

Keeping your database in the VCS

  • Mapping the DDL data source and the real one
  • Compare and synchronize the DDL data source and the real one in both directions
  • File-related actions on the DDL data source
  • DDL data source auto-sync
  • Setting the default database and schemas for the DDL data source
  • New database diff window


  • Accidental spaces warning
  • [SQL Server] LocalDB as a dedicated data source
  • [Oracle, SQL Server] Kerberos authentication
  • [Oracle, IBM Db2] Enable DBMS_OUTPUT
  • More options button
  • Expert options


  • [Oracle] Introspection levels
  • [SQL Server, Oracle] Mapping linked servers and database links to data sources
  • [PostgreSQL] Ability to hide system schemas and template databases
  • [Snowflake] Support for streams
  • [Clickhouse] Distributed tables

Query Console

  • Check for boolean expressions
  • Extract function for queries
  • [MongoDB] Code completion for database names

Services tool window

  • Timestamps in output hidden by default
  • New activation settings


  • New UI for importing data
  • First row is header auto-detection
  • Automatic column types in CSV files


  • New Bookmarks tool window
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