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DataGrip 2022.3: Redis Support, Quick Filter In Database Explorer, Pattern-Based Schema Filtering, Formats for Datetime Fields, and More!

DataGrip 2022.3 is here! This is the third major update of 2022, and it’s packed with various enhancements. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer! For a detailed description of this update, please visit our What’s new page.


  • Redis Support
  • New UI available via settings
  • New Settings Sync solution
  • Virtual views
  • Navigation in diagrams

Database explorer

  • Quick filter
  • Pattern-based schema filtering
  • Colors for global data sources
  • Drag-and-drop for script files

Data editor

  • Formats for date and time data types
  • New extractor: WHERE clause
  • SQL filtering by multiple values
  • Text search field: populate with selection
  • [Big Query] Correctly displayed Struct values

Working with code

  • Intention action preview
  • Single line copy-paste
  • New layout for the SQL schema generator: Per Object By Schema and Type

Working with tables

  • UI for virtual foreign keys
  • [MySQL, PostgreSQL] Table size in quick documentation


  • Startup script for session templates
  • [MongoDB] Authentication options

Schema diff viewer

  • Support for object dependencies

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