Minor updates

DataGrip 2023.1.2

Today, we’re releasing the second minor update for DataGrip 2023.1. Here are the most notable changes and bug fixes in v2023.1.2:

  • DBE-16982 A memory leak that occurred when exporting data to a file has been fixed.
  • DBE-17820 Add/Clone/Delete Column menu items no longer disappear when editing a CSV file in table mode.
  • Several bugs in the SQL formatter have been fixed.
  • DBE-18003 The source text is now generated correctly in the Create view dialog.
  • DBE-17929 Node disabling for SQL resolution scopes now works correctly.
  • DBE-17898 [PostgreSQL] PostgreSQL 16 detection has been fixed.
  • DBE-17796 [SQLite] Partial index generation has been fixed.
  • DBE-17783 [Azure] The default browser now opens as expected when connecting.
  • DBE-15989 [Redshift] External schemas are now clearly distinguished on the Schemas tab in data source properties.
  • DBE-17813 [MySQL] Explain plan submenus are displayed correctly for MySQL Aurora.
  • DBE-17846 [MySQL] Duplicated collations have been removed from DDL types.
  • DBE-16995 [Snowflake] The LIKE ALL operator is now supported.
  • DBE-17916 [Snowflake] New aggregate functions are now supported.
  • DBE-17261 [Snowflake] The functions MIN_BY and MAX_BY are now supported.
  • DBE-17833 [Snowflake] We’ve added support for string literals as a body for Snowflake Scripting procedures.
  • DBE-17912 [Snowflake] Highlighting for Python user-defined functions has been fixed.
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