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Webinar Recording: “How to Build Beautiful Data Apps with Datalore”

On Wednesday, 26th October 2022, I gave a webinar about how to build beautiful data apps with Datalore, our collaborative data science and data analytics platform. Here’s the recording for you to watch if you missed the live stream.


Have you ever struggled to create presentations for your stakeholders with your data science or data analysis results?

Or have you ever spent weeks implementing a complex frontend for your data to share it with several departments within your company or externally?

If data science is to be transformational, it must be democratized in the organization.

In this webinar, Alena Guzharina will introduce the Report builder – a flexible new way to turn notebooks into beautiful data apps using Datalore. From sharing the results of an ad hoc analysis to integrating a complex logic underneath a clean visual interface, Datalore will help you share your work results with anyone in just a few clicks.

In this webinar Alena will show you how to:

  • Connect your data sources to a data app.
  • Make your data science work interactive.
  • Use the Report builder to turn a notebook full of code and experiments into a clean story.
  • Ensure reproducibility of your data app.
  • Share the data app and automate the whole workflow for the future.

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Speaking to You

Alena Guzharina is a Product Marketing Manager for JetBrains Datalore. Alena holds a degree in data science and has been responsible for the product marketing of a data science platform at JetBrains for 2 years.

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