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Take control of your file structure with ReSharper

One of the new navigation features of ReSharper 2.0 is the very useful File Structure View. It lets you see the structure of your files and manage it easily.
Here is a File Structure view at a glance:
File Structure helps you keep track of and manage the structure of your code
With File Structure you can:

  • Get a quick overview of the current file:
    • properties, fields and methods can be easily identified by unique icons;
    • methods that override, implement or hide other methods are shown as such;
  • Enclose any part of the current file with a #region (and also collapse and close existing regions);
  • Rearrange file elements by simply dragging nodes in the view (between regions and within the overall file);
  • Navigate to source for any type or member with a double-click;
  • Apply a refactoring to a type or member with a simple right-click.

The view stays synchronized with the current file opened in the editor. You can choose to auto-track the caret in the editor and, vice versa, to auto-navigate to source as you change selection in the File Structure view.
To open the view, click ReSharper | Window | File Structure in the main menu.
For more details about File Structure window, see this ReSharper Help topic:

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