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This is a collection of use cases and scenarios (i.e. real problems solved with our .NET tools) that may be worth your attention.

Writing plugins for ReSharper and Rider

JetBrains tools are developed with extensibility being a principal goal. In fact, many new features we ship could also be just plugins. However, we realised that specifically the setup experience has been a little entry barrier. If you ever tried … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Issues and Tasks in Rider

We live in a world of teams, and with teams comes communication about our software projects in terms of what work needs to be done and bugs that have been discovered. What if we could work directly in Rider on those GitHub … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.3.3 bug-fix update is here!

We’ve just finished polishing one more bug-fix update for Rider 2018.3 release. Install Rider 2018.3.3 and enjoy smoother coding! This update includes: Fix for total IDE freeze if SWEA is enabled (RIDER-24120). Updated plugin for Unity Editor to correctly recognize … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.3 bug-fix update is released!

One more bug-fix update for ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 release is here – please welcome ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.3. ReSharper 2018.3.3 bug-fix fixes several performance issues (RSRP-472936, RSRP-472934, RSRP-473265) and a CodeRush compatibility issue (RSRP-472796). ReSharper C++ 2018.3.3 includes several correctness and … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.3.2 bug-fix update release!

Please welcome our Rider 2018.3.2 bug-fix update! In this update, we’ve fixed:

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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.2 is released!

Hello everyone! A couple of moments ago, we released the first bug-fix update of the year – you are welcome to give ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.2 a try.

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Best Practices for Building Async APIs with ASP.NET Core – Webinar Recording

The recording of our January 22 webinar with Kevin Dockx is now available, as well  some resources and external links. Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars. Did you know the main driver for async isn’t performance but scalability? Ever … Continue reading

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What Do These …<>+c… Classes Do in my Memory Snapshots?

There’s nothing we love as much as user feedback. It is a priceless source of insights into how people use tools like dotMemory, what gets them excited – and what gets them confused. Over the last year we’ve received multiple questions … Continue reading

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Performance Profiling in Rider 2018.3. What’s New?

If you’re an active Rider 2018.3 user or just follow our blog, you probably know that Rider just got an integrated performance profiler based on JetBrains dotTrace. Though we’ve already reviewed the profiler features on the EAP stage, the release version … Continue reading

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SOLID Veteran or Copy/Paste Master? Finding duplicate code

Of course, life is not only black and white. Quite often, code duplication can be introduced unintentionally, which is even more likely in bigger teams. The reasons don’t really matter. What’s more important is to have tools at hand. Tools … Continue reading

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