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Announcing Early Access Program for ReSharper 2.5

We are proud to announce that Early Access Program (EAP) for ReSharper 2.5, the next version of our ‘Most intelligent add-in to Visual Studio .NET,’ has started. Please note that ReSharper 2.5 supports only Visual Studio 2005. However, users of ReSharper for Visual Studio 2003 should not worry, since we will continue to release bugfix updates.
The changes introduced in ReSharper 2.5 are primarily focused on performance issues, but new features are also included.
Performance improvements:

  • Visual Studio startup time with ReSharper 2.5 is close to that of Visual Studio without ReSharper
  • The speed of typing in the editor is greatly improved
  • ReSharper installation is now faster
  • More speedups for code formatting, error highlighting, Live Templates, parameter info, etc.

New features include:

  • Overall user interface improvement – now more “Visual Studio-like”
  • Improved Find Results View window
  • Navigate From Here – single shortcut for all navigation actions available at this point
  • Go to File MemberCtrl+F12 now allows navigation to symbols declared in the current file, similar to Go To Type (Ctrl+N)
  • Option page for disabling individual context actions
  • NullReferenceException analysis (ReSharper now warns you whenever accessing a variable that can possibly be null)
  • More context actions and quick-fixes

The EAP version of ReSharper 2.5 also supports Visual Basic .NET in read-only mode. Please note that it’s currently in the experimental stage (this means that we will decide on whether to include it in the final version after Early Access Program finishes). The following ReSharper features are available in Visual Basic .NET:

  • Navigation & search features (go to declaration/base/inheritor(s); find usages; go to type/file; etc.)
  • Matching brace highlighting
  • Extend selection (Ctrl+W)
  • Quick documentation popup (Ctrl+Q)

You can download the latest build of ReSharper 2.5 EAP here:

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