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ReSharper 2.5 for Visual Studio 2005 Released!

Before we all leave for various seasonal holidays, we wanted to get ReSharper for Visual Studio 2005 version 2.5 out to you. It’s ready to go right now, and you can get your copy at: The upgrade is FREE to all currently licensed ReSharper users.
What’s New
ReSharper for Visual Studio 2005, v. 2.5 concentrates on the performance improvements you have asked us for (but of course we couldn’t resist a few new features as well). You’ll experience better performance in all areas: faster installation and startup (Visual Studio startup time is now close to that of Visual Studio without ReSharper), faster typing (including auto-popup on Code Completions), plus speedups for code formatting, error highlighting, Live Templates, parameter info, and more.
We think you’ll also like the new navigation and analysis features such as the Navigate from Here feature which provides a single keystroke for quick access to all navigation actions from the current editor caret position, and Value Analysis, a new on-the-fly error analysis which automatically detects when you access a variable that may possibly be null and immediately warns you about it.
Also in this version, a number of ReSharper smart navigation and code assistance features also work for Visual Basic. You can find out about everything new at
–The ReSharper Team at JetBrains
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