mbUnit support in ReSharper

Community member Albert Weinert has created a plug-in that adds mbUnit support to ReSharper’s UnitTest Runner. You can download Albert’s creation directly from here:


If you’re not familiar with mbUnit, please see:


“MbUnit is an extensible .NET Test Framework. As in NUnit, tests are created at runtime using Reflection and custom attributes. MbUnit differentiates itself from NUnit in its extensibility model. It contains a number of tests that go beyond simple unit testing, such as a greater assert range, pairwise testing, combinatorial testing, data oriented testing, etc…” (from mbUnit homepage)

If you get a chance, try downloading it and testing it out for Albert, and give him some feedback!

David Stennett
Team JetBrains

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14 Responses to mbUnit support in ReSharper

  1. Luke Melia says:

    This is great! Thanks to Albert and to JetBrains for the Open API!

    Two questions:

    1) Will JetBrains support Albert in implementing support for RowTests? This is our favorite MbUnit feature.

    2) Does ReSharper have a command/shortcut to re-execute the last test or set of tests that you ran? This would be a really handy feature in terms of workflow.

  2. @Luke: I’m fighting hard, but it seems that full support will be made in R# 3.0. But you can run a single the RowTest-Method from the Test Runner Gui (but currently all rows are tested).

  3. Could jetbrains allow more than one test type to be allowed in one assembly? That would really help, I think, so that we could use both nunit and mbunit in one assembly. This does not seem to be possible today.

  4. Eugene Pasynkov says:

    Marcus Widerberg:

    This is definetly not possible, and such restriction is one of the key predicates of ReSharper’ testing subsystem

  5. oleg.stepanov says:


    As Eugene correctly pointed out we currently don’t have such ability. However we’re looking into possibility of redesigning our unit testing support and we will take this request into consideration when doing this. If we can incorporate this without much issue, we see no reason why this shouldn’t be supported.

    WBR, Oleg

  6. Dirc says:

    Any instructions as to how to install this? None that I can find on this site and none on Albert’s page.. or at least none that I can understand!!

  7. dstennett says:

    Dirc …

    Hmmm, did you download the .zip yet? There is a README.txt inside … with instructions for installation.

  8. Does this work in Resharper 3.0?

  9. AsbjornM says:

    does this work in v3?, and does Jetbrains have plans for native mbunit support?, the thing from “der-albert” looks quite old?

    And where is the docs for R# and how to set up unit-testing? (or an simple blogpost explaining the stuff)

  10. Srdjan says:

    I was informed that MbUnit is not supported in 3.0 and that it is not known if it will be, since it was external contribution…

  11. Dyskzg says:

    I would buy Resharper if it had MbUnit support…

  12. Mark Haley says:

    MbUnit’s main website is now http://www.mbunit.com – not the mertner site listed above…

    The newly updated website (August 14, 2007) has vastly improved content and a huge documentation section.

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