ReSharper 2.5.2 Released, Uses No-License Evaluation Model

Another maintenance release of ReSharper is here. The release includes a number of bug fixes and a new evaluation model which needs some explanation (but don’t worry, it will only make things easier for you as an evaluator!).
The point is that there are no more evaluation licenses! Just download, install and enjoy it for 30 days! We only ask for one thing: after you’ve tried the software, select Submit Feedback from ReSharper menu and tell us your thoughts.
Grab version 2.5.2 at
On the topic of evaluation licenses, our ReSharper 3.0 EAP has also moved to the new no-license evaluation model. Here’s how it works:

  • all EAP builds run under evaluation for 30 days; each EAP build restarts the evaluation period (released about once every two weeks)
  • nightly builds can be downloaded, installed and used under the latest EAP evaluation; however, they do not renew the evaluation period
  • also, an evaluation period starts when you first start using the software; it does not start and expire on pre-specified dates like it used to do in previous EAPs.

This will provide enough evaluation overlap to span the time between the most stable builds.
Develop with pleasure!
– The ReSharper Team

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9 Responses to ReSharper 2.5.2 Released, Uses No-License Evaluation Model

  1. Download page says build number 376 … is this release exactly the same as 2.5.2 RC2 except for the version bump?

  2. Obfuscator says:

    Hi Gunnlaugur,
    Yeah, it is.

  3. emlak says:

    thank you very nice topic, thanks :)

  4. thekua says:

    Hi there. Thanks for the latest release. I noticed that in the feature list and in JIRA, Go To Symbol has been implemented. Is this is the same as ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+N in IntelliJ?

  5. orangy says:


    Yes, it is almost the same Go To Symbol as in IDEA. It will be available starting from version 3.0.

  6. thekua says:

    Great. I look forward to using the next version!

  7. Giorgio Galante says:

    Personally, I think it’s obsurd that folks that purchased Resharper 2.5 prior to April 2007 (such as myself, purchasing v2.5 in January) have to pay for the “upgrade.” 2.5.X is so buggy (it throws exceptions every 2-3 hours) and the beta of 3.0 is certainly no more stable than 2.5, I won’t be paying for it. Let alone the fact that 3.0 simply adds VB.NET support (be honest, there are hardly any noticeable updates in the C# space – certainly not worth paying for an upgrade.)

    Good luck, I”ve just spent my money on DevExpress’s toolset (Refactor! & CodeRush) to replace Resharper – and at least I get a 1 year maintenance with that.


  8. Obfuscator says:

    Hi Giorgio,

    We are sorry to hear you are having problems with ReSharper. If you have posted any requests at our bug tracker,, what are their numbers? Many bugs are fixed ASAP, so we would suggest that you wait for ReSharper 2.5.3, which will be out soon.

    Also, I’m not sure what you mean by paying for ReSharper 3.0 Beta. Obviously, beta quality is not on the same level as an RTM release, and we’ve never attempted to charge anyone for our Beta versions.

    As far as upgrading, there are plenty of enhancements and new features for C#, including improved code analysis (code suggestions) and new productivity instruments (Go to Symbol, To-do list, and more). Please keep in mind that if you are not interested in Visual Basic, you will be able to purchase a separate C# Edition. Likewise, those who only work with VB.NET will be able to use a separate VB.NET Edition – at a fraction of the full price.


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