ReSharper Banners: Show Your Good Addiction!

Are you addicted to ReSharper? Can’t code without it?
Tell everyone what a really good addiction is like – put a ReSharper banner on your website to show you use ReSharper and are proud of it!
Use our updated Custom Banner Constructor to make your message clear!
I’d be 404 withoutProductivity Visual Studio add-in for C#,

And as always, develop with pleasure!

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5 Responses to ReSharper Banners: Show Your Good Addiction!

  1. ripper234 says:

    Way to go guys – I’m spreading the love at my blog.

  2. Joe White says:

    I’d be happy to, once you guys make ReSharper 4 stop crashing all the time.

  3. Jura Gorohovsky says:


    Have you shared your concern with the development team?

  4. Joe White says:

    I filled out the Web-based feedback form about it (and never heard anything back), and I’ve done the “send us the stack trace” thing every time it crashes (as, clearly, have many, many other people). So I hope they’re well aware of the problems.

  5. Rania says:

    Good addiction of ReSharper banners is very lovely and useful.


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