Tales from the Development Crypt: What If…

Sometimes during profiling sessions you notice that your application is running slow or hanging, only to realize that you have not turned off a debug switch. After that, you have to reprofile everything.
Other times, after hours of continuous profiling, you optimize a consuming method, and again, you have to start from scratch to see if the optimization actually worked.
We thought we could provide a less time-consuming option for scenarios like these.
Starting from version 4.0, dotTrace will be able to recalculate a snapshot without reprofiling your application. Just ask “what if this function is removed” or “what if I optimize this function by 40%” and get a prompt answer from dotTrace: it will display new time values and compare them to the old ones.

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3 Responses to Tales from the Development Crypt: What If…

  1. David says:

    Have you seen the timeline in Ants 4? (you probably have…)

    I’ve found it really useful to be able to highlight (and tag) parts of the execution life-cycle and see the profiling results for that.

    However, I much prefer the way that you guys display/analyse results. Any chance of combining the two?

  2. Patrick says:

    Any thoughts on when it will be released?


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