ReSharper 4.5 Released!

After expanding its functionality in previous releases, ReSharper 4.5 shifts focus to the issues of performance and memory usage. Making the tool agile, robust and responsive – and a bit smarter still – is the main idea behind ReSharper 4.5.

Read about the improvements and enhancements below or watch this Flash demo.

  • Performance and memory consumption: When working on large solutions, you will feel a great deal of difference between ReSharper 4.0 and 4.5.
  • New solution-wide warnings and suggestions: Analyze usage of non-private types and type members within your whole solution (or don’t!).
  • Visual Basic 9 support: ReSharper’s cross-language refactorings and editing experience enhancements now support VB9 code.
  • Improved setup for naming conventions, which are now supported by all ReSharper features.
  • New Inline Field refactoring and enhancements in existing refactorings.
  • Go to Implementation: Go from the usage of a class or method straight to its implementation, bypassing its declaration.

Download your free 30-day trial of ReSharper 4.5.

Upgrades from ReSharper 4.0 are free.

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15 Responses to ReSharper 4.5 Released!

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  4. Paul Laudeman says:

    Congratulations on this fine release, JetBrains! This is really a nice release and the performance gains are very much noticed and appreciated.

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  6. Aleksei says:

    Very helpful, still can’t use it with large solutions though. ‘Out of memory exception’ pops up all the time.

  7. Res Harper says:

    Sweet! But it is nearly unusable due to out-of-memory on solutions that worked for years – now we cannot even do the simplest things, e.g. refactoring, with them.

  8. Res Harper says:

    Sweet work! But it is nearly unusable due to out-of-memory on solutions that worked for years – now we cannot even do the simplest things, e.g. refactoring, with them.

  9. m1k4 says:

    Yes, it is completely unusable because of OutOfMemory exception. I think we will have to cancel our licence and try to get refund if it’s possible :/

  10. Ken A. Redergård says:

    Good plugin (expecially for a previous IntelliJ IDEA user) but the ReShaper crashes VS2008 with Out of memory exception all the time.

  11. John Schank says:

    I agree, the OutOfMemory exceptions are making resharper entirely unusable

  12. Mike says:

    What a great tool to increase programmer productivity.

  13. Pablo Azorin says:

    I agree with the last posts. I am tired of OutOfMemory popping out all the time when modifying ASPX files in code view mode. I use to download the nightly builds to see if there is any fix available, but nothing yet.

  14. Carlos Bittencourt says:

    I was able to address the OutOfMemory problems by enabling LARGEADDRESSAWARE in devenv.exe ( However, in what I consider to be a medium solution (5 class libraries, 1 web project: approx 1000 files) and Code Analysis is so slow (specially in 500+ line files) that I had to disable it to be productive.

    This major performance issue aside, this is an awesome plug-in…ctrl+click and ctrl+shift+n (open file) are great time savers.

  15. Carlos Bittencourt says:

    P.S.: running 4.5.1231.7

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