ReSharper 5.0 Beta Comes Out

Download ReSharper 5.0 Beta while it’s hot!

ReSharper 5.0 introduces a great web development feature set; code analysis extended with call tracking, value tracking, and foreach-to-LINQ transformations; project-level refactorings; and a lot more enjoyable features. You can learn what’s new in greater detail at the ReSharper web site.

ReSharper 5.0 Beta integrates into both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010, so if you’re using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and you’re missing ReSharper goodness, now is a good time to give ReSharper 5 a try.

However, keep in mind that Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 has a number of known issues that in certain scenarios prevent ReSharper from working well. Don’t worry too much though: it doesn’t mean your Visual Studio crashes every time you press Alt+Enter! JetBrains and Microsoft engineers are aware of the problems and working together to solve them by the time Visual Studio 2010 goes RTM.

By the way, ReSharper in Visual Studio 2010 introduces a pack of special text editor integration features including a new animated error stripe and alpha-blended gray code that lets you see ReSharper highlighting even in code that ReSharper marks as unreachable:

Since this is a beta release, we desperately need your feedback. Please file any bugs that you may encounter to ReSharper issue tracker, and otherwise let us know how you feel using the new ReSharper in your Visual Studio.

Download and enjoy!

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19 Responses to ReSharper 5.0 Beta Comes Out

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  5. lxiaor says:

    I found some big bugs! Sorry for my bad English, I try my best to tell the problems. I have installed the DevExpress IDETools and Resharper 4.5.1288.2, they work fine. But I installed Resharper 5.0 Beta yesterday, something happen: Visual Studio cannot show the DevExpress Refactor Pro sidebar(like the Marker Bar of resharper), I hope both of them can work well, please fix this bug. And more, Resharper 5.0 Beta does not work well in VS 2005, sometime VS2005 cannot close when I click the close button, and sometime it cannot start debugging.
    Best wishes!

  6. I’m dismayed to see that my two biggest pet peeves are still not updated.

    #1 being better web.config support. Specifically support for configSource attributes. We put all of our stuff in an external file so it can be included in our version control. Now in 5.0 with the new support all my files are littered with those little question mark pop ups trying to get me to add an <% @Register directive for the controls.

    #2 add some damn scrollbars to the type member layout xml box and maybe add some support to load it from an xml file. I love this feature but it seems to never get any love.

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  8. Brady says:

    Has ReSharper 5 gone RTM? My Evaluation license has expired.

  9. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    Thanks, I’ve forwarded your findings to our QA engineer. Let’s see what he can do.

    @Jeff Klawiter,
    Please report your requests at
    It’s no guarantee they’ll be implemented for 5.0 but personally, I would vote for No.2. Really.

  10. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    No it hasn’t.
    Are you sure you’re using a beta build as opposed to an earlier EAP build?

  11. Joe White says:

    Hmm… so the beta requires a ReSharper 5 license, huh? You’re not making the beta free until a specified date, like Microsoft does with VS betas?

    It’s not accepting our ReSharper 3.1-but-you-get-4.0-because-you-bought-3.1-just-before-4.0-came-out license key, so I’ll have to go for a trial license key if I’m going to try the 5.0 beta. Was that the way you intended the beta to be released?

  12. lynn eriksen says:

    Have started to work with the 5.0 beta. What I have seen is very nice thus far.

    One issue that needs to be addressed is that the MVC features do not work with Areas in the impending V2 release. Adding Areas support would be a big plus.

  13. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    I don’t know in detail whether the beta is supposed to work with any legacy licenses, or it’s supposed to provide a limited trial – I’ll find it out.
    However, as a 4.0 licensee, you’ll need to pay for upgrade in case you decide to switch to 5.0


    Great you’re satisfied with the beta.
    If you want areas support, please report a feature request at That should greatly boost chances of having this feature implemented.

  14. Tom says:

    Does DotTrace work with Azure projects ? Trying to get it working but just doesn’t seem to be responding …….. 1000s of projects are moving to azure so really need a profiler in this regard ?

  15. Jura Gorohovsky says:


    We’re not really sure, to be honest :) Version 4.0 that’s due to come out this spring is not adopted specifically for Azure. However, if it gets to work with it, that’d be perfect!

  16. Benoit says:

    Currently running 4.5 but would love to try 5.0 beta. If I install the 5.0 beta, will I be able to easily roll-back to 4.5 without losing any of my settings/customizations?

  17. Jura Gorohovsky says:


    Well, we assume that both upgrade and downgrade actions should proceed without configuration loss.
    However, to be completely sure, back up general ReSharper settings in [user home]/AppData/…/JetBrains/ReSharper/v4.5/ AND …resharper.user files in each of your projects.

  18. Eric L. says:

    Have a user of R#R for a while now and my 5.0 Beta is about to expire also (yes, it’s the beta, not any of the EAP builds). What’s my alternative? Can I grab an EAP build and it will reset my evaluation period? is Beta 2 coming out within the next 3 days? other?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  19. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    The latest R# 5 nightly build should support Areas: try it out

    @Eric L.
    Yes, you can get a fresh nightly build to reset your evaluation period.

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