Important notice: ReSharper 5.1.1 Expiry notification

Some of our users are reporting issues with ReSharper 5.1.1 expiring. We apologize for this problem and are working very hard to solve the situation and release a fixed version of 5.1.1. We hope that will happen today.

In the meantime, you have two options:

FIXED! We’ve got a new build (5.1.1753.4) that fixes the expiry problem. Please download it from ReSharper downloads page.

Once again, we greatly apologize for this issue and any inconvenience it may cause you.

Thank you.

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26 Responses to Important notice: ReSharper 5.1.1 Expiry notification

  1. Oisin G. says:

    Yep, 5.1.1 just expired on me.

  2. Uwe says:

    Works, thank you.

  3. Ivan says:

    Download button IS STILL UNAVAILABLE on downloads page.

  4. Um, the download page states “Download is temorarily unavailable for a technical reason” with a link back to *this* page.

  5. Troels says:

    And me…

    And the “Download is temorarily (sic) unavailable for a technical reason.” … … …

  6. Ivan says:

    It’s strange. You had time to remove my previous comment but you don’t have time to make the new build available for download. Looks confusing :)

  7. Ivan says:

    Ahhh, moderation avaiting… My apologies :)

  8. Hadi Hariri says:

    We’ve just released the fix for 5.1

  9. Avi says:

    F.Y.I. On my computer:

    1. It was an evaluation version
    2. It also caused a devenv crash.


  10. Avi says:

    Additionally, as long as I’m providing feedback, it’s great but it caused VS 2008 to lose its “undo” and some of the context menu items don’t have a single letter shortcuts (i.e. you can’t so shift+f10 someletter to reach them).

  11. @Ivan, Klas, Troels
    Are you still not able to download the new build? Both the build and the updated download page arrived at the US-based server about 3 hours ago

  12. @Avi
    Which build cased a devenv crash and lose undo? 5.1.1751.8?

  13. Chris Smith says:

    Blew devenv.exe on mine. I assume you’re going to add a nice unit test to make sure we don’t get shot by this particular nasty in the future?

  14. @Chris
    No doubt we will.

  15. albert says:

    Still not working with my VS2010 Ultimate edition.

  16. Kirill says:

    @albert Could you please provide more detailed info? What R# build number do you use? Thnx!

  17. vik says:

    After 5.1 version expired I download and tried to install ReSharperSetup.5.1.1753.4.msi but it stops at the end when it tries to integrate with vs2010. I got msg first time that it failed to complete on time and I shoudl try to run and fix it. I tried couple of times but its still not working.
    Any ideas?

  18. Kirill says:

    @vik Please check in task manager that there is no any devenv.exe process exists. If yese please try to kill it and reinstall R#

  19. Mike says:

    Thanks, the update seems to be working just fine (C#/VS2010).

  20. Thanks for the quick fix, guys. Works for me.

  21. nwebsolution says:

    Thanx for quick fix.. love this

  22. Andre Artus says:

    It happens. It just happened to catch me at a really inconvenient time :(. Thanks for sorting it out so promptly.

  23. Matt says:

    As a recent purchaser of R#, I’m not too impressed with this severe a bug being released. It affected all our machines and has wasted a lot of time.

  24. Joe White says:

    @Matt, we’ve been using ReSharper for several years, and I can tell you that bugs like this in released versions are few and far between. They haven’t made this particular mistake before (if they had, I’d be concerned too).

    Everybody makes mistakes; the important part is how they handle it. They were quick to let people know about it, and quick to post a fix.

    Agreed that it would have been better if this bug hadn’t been released — that’s true of pretty much any bug, but even more so of “dead in the water” bugs like this. It sucks to have to burn time because of someone else’s mistake. But they communicated well about it and fixed it promptly — that’s definitely worth something.

  25. Richard says:

    Handy to have the solution so quick.

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