Free upgrade to ReSharper 6 starts today + decompiler gets a name

Some great news today in the .NET tools department!

First of all, any ReSharper 5 new or upgrade purchases made since today, April 26, 2011, qualify for a free upgrade to ReSharper 6!.

That means, if you or your employer are using ReSharper 4.x or earlier, or if you’re just considering buying ReSharper, now is the perfect time since your new license will work both in the current ReSharper 5 and the upcoming ReSharper 6.

Important update! If you have purchased ReSharper 5 within a month back from the date of free upgrade announcement, please contact JetBrains sales for a significant upgrade discount.

Second, we have picked a name for our new .NET decompiler from the list of awesome suggestions that we received on facebook. The tool is now called dotPeek! Thanks everyone for your suggestions, and we have four lucky winners.

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14 Responses to Free upgrade to ReSharper 6 starts today + decompiler gets a name

  1. Richard says:

    I was going to suggest “.NOT Reflector”, but I’m not going to sign up to Facepalm just to suggest a name!

  2. @Richard :) Well, sorry for preventing you from doing that but you know chances of this name being adopted were slim anyway, don’t you?

  3. Steph says:

    I bought it at the beginning of this month, hoping to get the upgrade to 6. Only if you buy it from 26/04 will get is. Sad story I’ve to pay again.

  4. @Steph
    We’re always explicitly announcing when the free upgrade period starts, so assuming a free upgrade without being assured with such an announcement was a risky idea.
    However, to make the bitter pill sweeter, consider contacting JetBrains sales for a discounted upgrade – I’m sure you’ll get it.

  5. JeroenH says:

    I purchased R# 5 for C# and VB.Net development after a promising evaluation period. However, the VB version is utterly broken (I have taken the time to report several bugs with repro cases etc.) and performance on large projects is also pretty bad.

    Many of those bugs are still not fixed or scheduled to be fixed in only in version 6. Very disappointing. I have the impression that you guys invest more time investing in new features rather than consolidating/improving what’s already there. It’s good to keep up with new things (jQuery, Razor, etc) but I think it would be nice to also take care a little more for your existing customers!

    Will there be a bug fix release available for R# 5.x?

  6. Chris Martin says:

    Dang! I was so close with dotView. :(

  7. Steve says:

    wow, just bought resharper like a month ago.

    And that comment on waiting – I needed it – bought it – it will be pulling teeth to get them to buy another one… sigh

  8. @Steve
    Please contact JetBrains sales with your issue: for licenses purchased within a month ago, they usually provide significant upgrade discounts.

  9. @JeroenH
    Unfortunately we’re not expecting any more bug fix releases in the 5.x branch.
    I will contact you on your issue by e-mail.

  10. Catwiesl says:

    Sad, I just bought it before Easter :-(

  11. @Catwiesl
    Please contact JetBrains sales: for licenses purchased within a month back from the free upgrade announcement, they usually provide significant upgrade discounts.

  12. Can dotPeek be used to convert from Visual Basic.NET to C# code and vice versa?

  13. @Arno
    No. Moreover, dotPeek doesn’t display code as VB.NET at all.

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