dotCover 1.1, dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta 2

Following community feedback on the initial beta releases of dotCover 1.1 and dotTrace 4.5 Performance, we have prepared Beta 2 builds of these products for you to try:

Compared to the Beta 1 stage, here’s what sets dotCover 1.1 Beta 2 apart:

  • In the console runner, configuration actions can now be taken from the command line (without using XML), and snapshots can be passed directly as arguments.
  • Streamlined coverage analysis of web applications: specifically, errors are now better handled during analysis, and a snapshot is opened immediately after clicking “Get snapshot”.
  • Bug fixes including those related to suspending and resuming dotCover.

Improvements in dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta 2 include:

  • No more loss of focus on applying zero folding.
  • Constructors are now included when you choose to open all public methods of a class in a separate tab.
  • Some less noticeable bug fixes and usability improvements.

Note that, due to a bug when switching between editions that we’re yet to resolve, dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta 2 is released as a development build — that means, exceptions are not suppressed.

Enjoy the new builds, and please don’t forget to share any issues you may encounter using dotTrace issue tracker and dotCover issue tracker.

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