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ReSharper 6 RC2; EAPs for dotCover, dotTrace Performance

We have a new ReSharper build for you available: ReSharper 6.0 Release Candidate 2.

RC2 removes a few more outstanding cases of good-code-red, ensures that ReSharper takes the Suppress warnings project property into account, fixes a pack of issues related to the Find Code Issues window and solution-wide analysis.

In other news, we have opened Early Access Programs for dotCover 1.1.1 and dotTrace 4.5.1 Performance — new minor versions of the code coverage tool and the profiler tailored specifically to support ReSharper 6. We’ve received a lot of complaints on ReSharper 6 not being able to integrate with dotCover and dotTrace Performance, and these EAPs will hopefully take this pain away.

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