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dotCover 2.0 is Released

JetBrains developers and QA engineers are finally going to have some sleep since dotCover 2.0 RTM is available right now for you to download.

Here’s the list of features that make this a worthy upgrade:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2012 RC along with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010. As soon as Visual Studio 2012 RTM comes out, we’re going to release a minor update to support it.
  • Integrated unit test runner. You don’t have to have ReSharper installed to execute unit test coverage analysis anymore: dotCover 2.0 bundles the same unit test runner that ReSharper provides. However if you do have ReSharper installed, dotCover will use ReSharper’s implementation of the unit test runner by default. Similar to its older brother, dotCover’s unit test runner supports NUnit and MSTest by default. For xUnit and MSpec, there are up-to-date plug-ins available right from the start at dotCover download page.
  • dotCover 2.0 adds attribute filters and a redesigned filter management UI. Attribute filters are there to help you exclude entities marked with certain attributes (for example, ObsoleteAttribute or TestFixtureAttribute) from coverage analysis.
  • Locate in coverage tree: a new shortcut to navigate from the caret position in Visual Studio text editor to its matching node in the coverage tree.

For a bit more detail on the new features, please read What’s New in dotCover 2.0, and be quick to download the new release!

Note that if your dotCover maintenance period or upgrade subscription is still valid, this would be a free upgrade for you!

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