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ReSharper 7.0 is Released

Ladies and gentlemen, a fresh official ReSharper release has finally arrived! Download ReSharper 7.0, the new major version of the awesome Visual Studio productivity tool.

ReSharper 7.0 is an important update for all .NET developers, bringing more ways to refactor, inspect, and generate code. Early MS technology adopters should also appreciate support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, as well as support for Metro style application development for Windows 8.

We announced what’s inside version 7, before but as a reminder, ReSharper 7.0 highlights include:

  • Full integration with Visual Studio 2012 while maintaining support for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010. For obvious reasons, we’ve been testing on Visual Studio 2012 RC and we haven’t had a chance to verify smooth integration with Visual Studio 2012 RTM. However, as soon as RTM is available to us, we’ll see if it contains any breaking changes, and if we find anything, we’ll be quick to roll out a minor update. (See How Exactly ReSharper 7 Supports Visual Studio 2012.)
  • An extensive pack of functionality for developers looking to create WinRT-based Metro style applications. (See Windows Runtime Support in ReSharper 7.)
  • New code inspections and contract annotations for a more robust .NET code quality analysis.
  • New automated code refactorings, including the top requested Extract Class to decrease code coupling.
  • Additional code exploration features helping visualize hierarchies of polymorphic members and CSS styles.
  • An extended and fine-tuned code generation toolset. (See Code Generation Improvements in ReSharper 7.)
  • INotifyPropertyChanged interface support pack to improve productivity of Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight application developers. (See INotifyPropertyChanged Support in ReSharper 7.)
  • Removing unused assembly references across the entire solution.
  • Extended web development toolset, including improvements to JavaScript support, and initial support for ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 4.
  • Addition of two previously unsupported Microsoft development technologies: LightSwitch and SharePoint.

For a more detailed overview of these and other improvements, see What’s New in ReSharper 7.0. To keep getting insight on ReSharper 7 highlights, make sure to watch ReSharper 7 posts here on the .NET tools blog.

A quick note on plug-in compatibility. Right now, five plug-ins provide releases compatible with 7.0: Contrib, Agent Mulder, Agent Smith, and ActiveMesa R2P and MSpec Test Runner. We’ll be assisting the community in updating other popular plug-ins, such as StyleCop and AgUnit, for 7.0 compatibility in coming weeks.

A final quick note is for buyers and upgraders: if you have purchased a ReSharper 6 license on or after June 1, 2012, you qualify for a free upgrade to ReSharper 7.0. All you have to do is download ReSharper 7.0 and enjoy.

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