ReSharper 7 Webinar

Hadi Hariri

Have you downloaded ReSharper 7 yet? Do you want to know what new functionality it offers you? Join us for the Webinar we’ll be holding on Tuesday, August 7th at 4 pm CET (Central European Time) where we’ll be covering some of the new and exciting features in this release.

Registration is open but limited in space, so please sign up quickly if you plan to attend. To sign up click here on the registration link. Come ready with your Questions. We’ll have Answers.

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

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5 Responses to ReSharper 7 Webinar

  1. Sven says:

    July 30, 2012


    quick question. Will you provide a record of this webinar?


  2. Hadi Hariri says:

    July 30, 2012


    Yes we will.

  3. Sven says:

    July 30, 2012

    Thanks. That’s awesome 🙂

  4. Vlad says:

    August 2, 2012

    It is possible to get video from webinar?

  5. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    August 2, 2012

    There’s no video just yet as the webinar is scheduled for August 7, which is Tuesday next week.
    As soon as we have the video, it will be made available on JetBrains TV


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