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dotTrace Performance 5.2 released!

dotTrace 5.2 Performance has just been released and ready for you to download now! This is a minor release update that includes close to a dozen bug fixes, and it also lays some ground-work for some exciting features in upcoming releases.

.NET 4.5 and Windows 8 Support


dotTrace 5.2 Performance provides support for .NET 4.5 applications. As such we can now profile any managed application targeting the newest version of the Microsoft platform. Currently there is no integration with Visual Studio 2012 but we will be adding support for that in an upcoming release. It is possible however to use dotTrace Performance standalone to profile .NET 4.5 applications. dotTrace Performance works perfectly under Windows 8.

Classroom and Academic Licenses

We are also pleased to announce that dotTrace Performance now joins the ranks of our other tools by offering Classroom and Academic licenses. If you are a School, University, College or Trainer, you can apply for a classroom license for dotTrace performance.

Upcoming support for Metro and Visual Studio 2012

Among some other important updates, next release will include support for both Metro style application as well tight integration with Visual Studio 2012, as well as continuous enhancements to the profiling SDK which is coming soon.

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