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ReSharper 7.0 Plug-ins

ReSharper 7.0 was only released a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a testament to the plug-in community that so many plug-ins are already up-to-date with the new version. We’re going to take a more in-depth look at some of these plug-ins soon, but for now, here’s a quick overview of some of the more popular plug-ins that already support ReSharper 7.0.

  • AgUnit — run and debug Silverlight unit tests, with support for MSTest, NUnit and
  • MSpec — the MSpec context/specification testing framework has been updated to support ReSharper 7.0.
  • xunitcontrib — unit test support for
  • StyleCop — StyleCop analyses your source code and enforces a given coding style. The ReSharper plug-in they provide does this as you type, underlining violations of your chosen policy, and providing many context actions that automatically fix the violation, for example, moving a “using” block into the namespace declaration, rather than above it.
  • JSLint for ReSharper — runs the JSLint tool against your JavaScript files, providing familiar ReSharper squiggly underlines for errors and warnings.
  • Agent Smith — provides spell checking for your code and formatting actions for XML documentation.
  • Agent Mulder — support for Dependency Injection frameworks such as Autofac, Castle Windsor, Unity. Since ReSharper doesn’t know about these containers, classes can frequently be marked as unused, or not instantiated. Agent Mulder tells ReSharper when these classes are being used, and provides navigation to the registration point from each class.
  • GammaXaml — provides lots of very useful additions to ReSharper’s XAML support, including context actions to add grid layout definitions or remove XAML attributes, marking unused attached properties as “dead code”, validating element names in binding and more. The latest version also provides support for the convention over configuration approach used by the Caliburn.Micro MVVM framework.
  • ReSharperExtensions — a very useful Live Template macro that will replace spaces for underscores when typing, such as creating a method name.
  • Catel.ReSharper — provides a couple of context actions to support the Catel MVVM framework.
  • Agent Johnson — provides a number of useful context actions and refactorings.

And there are more on the way — for example, the Gallio plug-in, providing support for the MbUnit testing framework is currently being updated.

It’s well worth pointing out that all of these plug-ins are open source, so please feel free to contribute! Anything from feature suggestions to bug reports, to code or even a simple vote of thanks.

And if you want to start developing a plug-in yourself, you can download the SDK and check out the development guide (and not forgetting ReSharper 6 users, the 6.x SDK is still available, as is the 6.x plug-in development guide). We’ll also come up a blog post soon covering new important updates that have been implemented in ReSharper 7 SDK, so stay tuned.

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