ReSharper 7.0.1: Bugfix Update Available

We’ve just released ReSharper 7.0.1: a minor update that fixes many of the issues that users have encountered with the initial 7.0 release. Please download ReSharper 7.0.1 if you feel that any of the following improvements are relevant to you:

  • Memory consumption and performance fixes in SharePoint projects. Thanks to timely reports that we were receiving on high memory usage and freezes with SharePoint projects, we’ve made quite a bit of SharePoint-targeted memory and performance optimizations. There’s another SharePoint related fix which is for an incorrectly working path mapping feature in SharePoint apps (RSRP-328782.)
  • In fact, there are more memory and performance optimizations in ReSharper 7.0.1 such as fixing OutOfMemory exceptions with advanced usage search in libraries (RSRP-328767), reducing overall memory traffic (RSRP-328636), accelerating code completion in JavaScript (RSRP-328940) and removing a memory leak in Unit Test Explorer (RSRP-328626.)
  • “Close All Documents” is back. There was an unfortunate regression in 7.0 that a lot of users were unhappy with — that is, a missing action for closing all documents in Visual Studio 2010 and below (RSRP-328720.) The action is safely back now.
  • An annoying usability problem that’s been bothering those who take advantage of ReSharper’s naming style quick-fixes has been finally fixed: ReSharper 7.0.1 introduces a more natural order of actions that fix inconsistent naming issues (RSRP-273952.)
  • A couple of rare but serious issues with ReSharper caches has been fixed: specifically, ReSharper 7.0.1 shouldn’t clutter your hard drive with its cache files (RSRP-324162, RSRP-328956); nor should it block the initialization of solution-wide analysis (RSRP-329295.)
  • A bunch of issues in high-contrast theme has been fixed, including those related to underlining warnings and suggestions (RSRP-328990), highlighting usages (RSRP-328988), inadequate colors in Templates Explorer (RSRP-328987), and poorly visible text (RSRP-328979.)

For the entire list of fixes for 7.0.1, please see ReSharper 7.0.1 Release Notes.

Everyone who have had issues with version 7.0, please download ReSharper 7.0.1 and let us know if the update is working better for you.

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