ReSharper 7: Summary of Main Features

It’s been over one and a half months since the release of ReSharper 7, and in that timeframe we’ve already rolled out a minor update fix (7.0.1). Microsoft, on its part, has yesterday officially launched Visual Studio 2012 which ReSharper 7 has been firmly supporting from the very start.

We’ve been posting on some of the new features that are included in ReSharper 7, so we thought it’s about time to do a summary post for your convenience. This list is by no means all-inclusive and there are still other interesting areas we’re going to be writing about.

In addition, we’ve worked hard with the plug-in developers to ensure that the majority of extensions for ReSharper would be available for version 7 for it’s release. You can find a complete list of compatible plug-ins for ReSharper 7.

Finally, we also held a Webinar on ReSharper 7 which was recorded and posted on JetBrains TV among other insightful videos.

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