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ReSharper 7.1 Plugins

ReSharper 7.1 has only just been released, and once again, it’s time to congratulate our plugin authors on how quickly they have support for the latest version ready. A lot of these plugins are Open Source, and produced in the authors’ spare time, so we’d like to give them a big thank you for their continued support. Here are some of the plugins:

  • We have testing frameworks: AgUnit can run and debug Silverlight tests, the xunitcontrib runner provides support and the latest MSpec NuGet package includes a ReSharper 7.1 runner.
  • There are code validation plug-ins: StyleCop will analyse your C# source code, and display warnings and corrections if you violate the style guide. JSLint for ReSharper supplies similar functionality for your JavaScript files.
  • There are a couple of plugins providing spell checker support. YouCantSpell is available now, ReSpeller is currently being updated and should be available very soon, and Agent Smith implements context actions to help format XML documentation as well as spell checking.
  • ActiveMesa’s R2P plugin brings a veritable smorgasbord of miscellaneous context actions, refactorings, generators and and inspections to ReSharper 7.1, as does Agent Johnson.
  • Catel.ReSharper takes a very interesting approach to implementing a plugin – instead of offering a broad set of additional features, it targets users of a specific platform – that is Catel MVVM project, providing context actions and refactorings specifically designed to integrate with the Catel.MVVM feature set.
  • The GammaXaml plugin has been updated to work with the new XAML support in 7.1, and provides additional XAML support such as dependency property validation and generation, and support for Caliburn.Micro’s conventions.
  • Joar Øyen’s ReSharperExtensions is a set of macros to be used in live templates, where they can automatically insert the current domain user or ensure a string typed by the user is a valid identifier by converting spaces to underscores, optionally capitalising the first letter of each word.
  • Continuing the Agent naming theme, Agent Mulder brings ReSharper analysis and navigation features to Dependency Injection frameworks such as Autofac and Castle Windsor. It’s not quite ready for 7.1 yet, but it’s being worked on and should be available soon.
  • And of course, there are plugins that JetBrains contributes. The recently released NuGet support, and the example plugin that shows MVC action verbs in navigation lists both support ReSharper 7.1.

Again, most of these plugins are Open Source. All of the authors welcome feedback, good as well as bad! Report issues, suggest features, fork and contribute! If you want to get involved, download the SDK for MSBuild targets, tools and sample code, and visit the development guide for more information. And if you create a new plugin, let us know, and we’ll help spread the word.

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