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dotTrace 5.3 Performance, ReSharper 7.1.1 are Available

Rolling out updates to two .NET tools simultaneously is twice as fun: please download the shiny and new dotTrace 5.3 Performance for Visual Studio 2012 integration and Windows Store app profiling, and ReSharper 7.1.1 for bug fixes and performance improvements.

Major changes in dotTrace 5.3 Performance include:

  • The most requested and expected feature: integration with Visual Studio 2012. Prior versions of Visual Studio are still supported as well.
  • Integration with ReSharper 7.1 and 7.1.1.
  • Support for profiling Windows Store applications, including Windows Store test projects.
  • Profiling Windows Store applications with dotTrace Performance

  • New filters in Hot Spots view: “Filter system functions” and “Filter event-waiting trees”.
    New filters in Hot Spots view
  • A new measurement method: Thread Cycle Time, in addition to previously available Wall Time (CPU and performance counter) and Thread Time methods.
  • An updated Welcome screen that includes Attach To Process button and more cosmetic improvements for a comfortable profiling experience.
    Updated Welcome screen in dotTrace 5.3 Performance

dotTrace 5.3 Performance comes as a free upgrade for all dotTrace 5.0 Performance users, as well as for all dotTrace 4.x Performance customers who have purchased the product after February 23, 2012.

ReSharper 7.1.1 is a maintenance release that further refines performance and stability of the ReSharper 7.x family. Notable updates include:

  • Unit test runner enhancements related to debugging, inconclusive tests, and Unit Test Output window, among other fixes.
  • Bug fixes in the installation wizard, code formatter, IntelliSense, and Remove Unused References.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements.

For further details, please see the entire list of fixes included in ReSharper 7.1.1.

ReSharper 7.1.1 is a free upgrade for all ReSharper 7.x users and also for ReSharper 6.x customers who have purchased their licenses on June 1, 2012 or later.

Please feel free to download and try dotTrace 5.3 Performance and ReSharper 7.1.1!

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