dotTrace 5.3 Performance, ReSharper 7.1.1 are Available

Rolling out updates to two .NET tools simultaneously is twice as fun: please download the shiny and new dotTrace 5.3 Performance for Visual Studio 2012 integration and Windows Store app profiling, and ReSharper 7.1.1 for bug fixes and performance improvements.

Major changes in dotTrace 5.3 Performance include:

  • The most requested and expected feature: integration with Visual Studio 2012. Prior versions of Visual Studio are still supported as well.
  • Integration with ReSharper 7.1 and 7.1.1.
  • Support for profiling Windows Store applications, including Windows Store test projects.
  • Profiling Windows Store applications with dotTrace Performance

  • New filters in Hot Spots view: “Filter system functions” and “Filter event-waiting trees”.
    New filters in Hot Spots view
  • A new measurement method: Thread Cycle Time, in addition to previously available Wall Time (CPU and performance counter) and Thread Time methods.
  • An updated Welcome screen that includes Attach To Process button and more cosmetic improvements for a comfortable profiling experience.
    Updated Welcome screen in dotTrace 5.3 Performance

dotTrace 5.3 Performance comes as a free upgrade for all dotTrace 5.0 Performance users, as well as for all dotTrace 4.x Performance customers who have purchased the product after February 23, 2012.

ReSharper 7.1.1 is a maintenance release that further refines performance and stability of the ReSharper 7.x family. Notable updates include:

  • Unit test runner enhancements related to debugging, inconclusive tests, and Unit Test Output window, among other fixes.
  • Bug fixes in the installation wizard, code formatter, IntelliSense, and Remove Unused References.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements.

For further details, please see the entire list of fixes included in ReSharper 7.1.1.

ReSharper 7.1.1 is a free upgrade for all ReSharper 7.x users and also for ReSharper 6.x customers who have purchased their licenses on June 1, 2012 or later.

Please feel free to download and try dotTrace 5.3 Performance and ReSharper 7.1.1!

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31 Responses to dotTrace 5.3 Performance, ReSharper 7.1.1 are Available

  1. Grant Palin says:

    The 5.3 download link still provides the 5.2 version: dotTracePerformanceSetup.5.2.1100.108.msi

  2. Daria.Dovzhikova says:

    @Grant Sorry for that, updated the page with the correct link, please try once more:

  3. Nate Irvin says:

    I’m a little confused. Last month I downloaded and installed ReSharper But the newer version is 7.1.1000.900? How is that an upgrade?

  4. @Nate
    Well these are the little intricacies of our build numbering policy. Build numbers do sometimes look confusing compared to each other but let me assure you that this is actually an upgrade )

  5. David says:

    I don’t know what unit tests improvements you have done but I can inform you that now all my MSTest unit tests are failing with an error that my app CONFIG file couldn’t be found. I have already spent 15 minutes on this and it seems it will need more investigation. I have to admit that I am not very happy so far with the update.

  6. David says:

    Please, is there a way to download the previous build?

  7. Grant Palin says:

    @Daria That did it, just downloaded v5.3!

  8. Sammy says:

    Maybe this will help as this was confusing for me as well in my early days.
    Major, Minor, Build, and Revision
    This is what it shows in Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010 when you “right-click” on your project and select “Properties” then select the “Publish” tab.
    Therefore: is less than 7.1.1000.900
    7 = 7
    1 = 1
    25 < 1000
    234 < 900

  9. Rory Primrose says:

    LOL, after installing the latest version, it then tells me later in the day that a new version has been released (the same version running in VS) and I should update to it. Nice! I guess it just isn’t self-aware. 😛

  10. @Rory
    This is really weird. Do you happen to have multiple Visual Studio versions and different ReSharper versions installed in them?

  11. @David
    You can get 7.1 or another previous build from ReSharper archive (there’s a link to the archive from ReSharper download page)

    Here’s the list of unit test runner-related fixes in 7.1.1. It’s quite unfortunate that these are no good in your case. Does this bug report look similar to your situation? If it is, looks like we’ve hit a regression case. Please let me know.

  12. @Sammy
    Thanks ) Sometimes it does indeed look confusing because if a double-point version is released like 7.1.1, people rightfully expect that a previous version (7.1 that is an implied 7.1.0) has a zero in the build section.

  13. BRod says:

    Same as Rory here (recurrent upgrade notice, yesterday I upgraded to 7.1.1000.900 and today appears the same upgrade notice). I have only one version of Visual Studio 2010 and one version of Resharper.

  14. @Rory, @BRod
    Confirmed: there was an error in the auto-update file that we have fixed today. There should be no further update notifications if you have 7.1.1 installed.
    Please accept our apologies for the confusion.

  15. Bill B says:

    So it’s confirmed that we can accept the 7.1.1 upgrade even if we are using multiple versions of Resharper in multiple versions of Visual Studio along with xunit integration and there will be no issues?

  16. @Bill B I’m not exactly sure what kind of assurance you’re looking for, can you clarify please? If it’s regarding xUnit integration, this should work on upgrading from 7.1 as plug-in API has not changed between 7.1 and 7.1.1.

  17. Eyal Shilony says:

    Thank you!

  18. David says:

    Jura, my issue is that I have a project that has two CONFIG files. One is App.config that is correctly copied into the Out folder during unit test run. Another config file (this is a config for one of the dependent DLLs and it contains the DLL configuration). This second DLL is configured in the project to be copied into the output:


    This second DLL is copied correctly to the bin/Debug folder during build but it is not present in TestResults{unique folder name}Out folder and because of that the unit tests fail.

    Le me know if you need more info to reproduce the issue.


  19. Kurt says:

    I get the following exception when running the unit test. I have 2 configs in the project

    Initialization method System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Unable to open configSource file ‘AppSettings.config’.

  20. Kurt says:

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled ReSharper 7.0.1:

    and now I am getting ‘Unit Test Runner failed to load test assembly’

    I have restarted machine and no difference. This is not good

  21. Kurt says:

    the 2nd config was not being copied. I don’t know why this has started to happen but it happened when I installed the upgrade and everyone else in my team has the exact same code and they do not have this problem

    I have solved it temporarily by adding a [DeploymentItem(“AppSettings.config”)] attribute on the test class which copies it out

    another strategy could be to copy it on successful build of project

  22. Kurt says:

    BTW – I have set the property on the config to Copy Always but this did not work

  23. @Kurt Can you please ping Alex[dot]Berezoutsky[at]jetbrains[dot]com for a direct contact with ReSharper support? We’re having an unusually heavy load here on right now, and it’s safer to follow up by e-mail. Thanks!

  24. Andy B says:

    I’m getting the same issues as reported by David and Kurt above. This represents a complete showstopping issue and I will have to revert to an earlier version.

    This is not good.

  25. Tim Graupmann says:

    I badly need ActionScript and Unity script to be supported by Resharper.

  26. Matthias Busch says:

    Does profiling Windows Store Apps already work? I can start the app but all options in the small dialog (“Start Profiling”, “Drop Snapshot”, “Detach from Process”, “Kill Process”) are disabled.

  27. @Tim No plans to support UnityScript this far unfortunately.
    For ActionScript support, you might want to take a look at IntelliJ IDEA

  28. @Matthias Windows Store are supported but there are scenarios where profiling could not run successfully. Please check if any of the known issues listed at feel similar to your case, and you may want to contact dotTrace support team for further investigation.

  29. Selçuk ERMAYA says:

    Thanks for your great job JetBrains! You are awesome!

  30. Eric Dugas says:

    I am having the same issue as others have reported (David, Kurt, and Andy). When using the 7.1.1 version of Resharper, unit tests now fail because one of the configuration files (EntLib.config) is not copied to the TestResults Out directory..

  31. Anne says:

    @Eric/all, fyi as Jura mentioned a bit obscurely, this ticket,
    is reopened as a regression failure on 7.1.1 and has critical status, so they are probably fixing it as we write.
    Its title is;
    RSRP-285869 All MSTests failed because of configuration file is not found

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