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Webinar – When Hadi met Julie, “A story of Entity Framework, ReSharper, A Spaniard and The Data Farm Queen”

When Hadi tried to create an Entity Framework app, he realized just how bad of a noob he really was (not surprising). He then decided to call on a favor to Julie, the Data Farm Queen. As Julie was teaching Hadi, he kept interrupting her to tell her about easier ways to do things using ReSharper. That’s when they decided to stop right there and make the whole thing public. Julie would teach Hadi EF and he would in exchange show her some tips on how ReSharper could help with coding. Seems like a win-win situation. What could possibly go wrong?

In this webinar, you’ll join Hadi in understanding how to do Entity Framework Code First while at the same time see what benefits ReSharper offers and how to use it efficiently. Well…that’s the plan anyway.

This free webinar will take place ThursdayJanuary 24th from 16:00 – 17:00 CET (Central European Time). Space is limited; please register now.

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft MVP, .NET mentor and consultant who lives in the hills of Vermont. You can find Julie presenting on Entity Framework and other Microsoft .NET topics at user groups and conferences around the world. Julie blogs at, is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books, the MSDN Magazine Data Points column and popular videos on Follow Julie on twitter at julielerman.

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