ReSpeller: A Spell-Checking Plugin for ReSharper

Those of you who have worked with IntelliJ IDEA and related products know that all those IDEs have incorporated a built-in spell checker for a very long time. With ReSharper, the situation is slightly different in that we have several spell checking plugins that provide similar functionality.

This post is an overview of a new commercial version of ReSpeller, a plugin, also available in a free edition, which provides spell checking capabilities for ReSharper.

How It Works

ReSpeller’s operation is simple: whenever it sees a spelling mistake in an identifier, comment or string literal, it immediately flags it and offers several options for fixing the problem:

The first option is Replace with… and if you choose it, you’ll get a handy popup over the offending text with some suggestions for fixing it:

The second option is to Add word to user dictionary, in which case the user can pick the dictionary to save add the word to:

Finally, there’s an option to Add custom word to user dictionary, in which case the user can edit the word before it gets added:

Spell Checking Scope

ReSpeller covers a wide array of code constructs and languages. The elements it checks spelling on are best illustrated via ReSpeller’s Inspection Severity settings page:

From the list of tags next to the inspection types, you can surmise that ReSpeller supports a very wide array of technologies, including:

  • Programming languages: C#, VB.NET, JavaScript

  • Markup languages: HTML, XML, XAML, RESX

  • Mixed-language files: CSHTML (Razor), ASPX, ASHX

The spell checker itself doesn’t support just English, but other languages, too. Add a new language and you get spelling corrections from all dictionaries installed:

Integration Features

In addition to the above, when you fix a typo in an identifier, ReSpeller automatically fires off a Rename refactoring, making sure that your spelling correction doesn’t result in loss of consistency:

Note that ReSpeller also highlights spelling errors right in the Rename dialog.

Typo inspections are also available in aggregate form, so if you open up ReSharper | Inspect | Code Issues in Project/Solution you’ll be able to see them alongside other inspections:


There’s a lot of cases where spell checking is critical. For example, as a blogger, I really hate spelling mistakes creeping into my code, because it means I didn’t check what I wrote properly before I posted. Similarly, having a public API with spelling mistakes can be a bit embarrassing, especially if people start using it and you cannot change it afterwards.

ReSpeller is a plugin that can prevent these kinds of issues. It’s available in two editions: a free edition and a Pro edition with an expanded set of features (such as support for JavaScript, HTML, mixed-language files and different languages). If you’re interested, head over to Ethereal Code for more details. And stay tuned for more plugin overviews!

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14 Responses to ReSpeller: A Spell-Checking Plugin for ReSharper

  1. Avatar

    Den Gladkikh says:

    January 14, 2013

    Visual Studio has couple free spell checkers based on Open Office dictionaries, and I use one of them (don’t remember which one exactly). I’d love to use special plugin for R#, but not one which is based on Open Office dictionaries, I found them not really good…. Hope that this plugin will start use default Windows spell engine.

  2. Avatar

    Sven says:

    January 14, 2013

    Definitely the best spell checker plugin for R# I used so far. It handles German words very well thanks to the Hunspell engine.

  3. Avatar

    Creepy Gnome says:

    October 9, 2013

    This has potential but its missing some configuration options. Such as:

    – Ignore words in UPPERCASE
    – Ignore words that contain numbers
    – Ignore Internet and File address
    – Flag repeated words

    Also has bugs:
    -I set the minimum word length to check to 4 and 3 letter words are still being flagged as misspelled so that feature doesn’t work.
    -Its will say a word is misspelled when it isn’t and it offers the correct spelling which is spelled exactly the same as the word it says is wrong.

  4. Avatar

    Alex says:

    April 16, 2016

    with resharper 2016.1 not founded in extentions. only free version

  5. Avatar

    daan says:

    October 3, 2017

    very usefull in visual studio. Would like to use this in Rider as well…

  6. Avatar

    Hassan Faghihi says:

    October 16, 2017

    can you fix this:

    Both Unregister and Deregister are valid, but marked as invalid

  7. Avatar

    Ash says:

    May 22, 2018

    This is an awesome plugin, but I can’t seem to find an ‘en_uk’ dictionary.
    Does anyone know where I could get one for it please?

  8. Avatar

    W. Andreas says:

    August 21, 2018

    How to turn that thing off?
    squigglies all over the place…
    Just annoying.

  9. Avatar

    Ciaran Gallagher says:

    August 23, 2018

    Where can I download an en-UK dictionary?

  10. Avatar

    stricq says:

    August 29, 2018

    This would be a useful feature if the dictionary was anywhere near competent. However, the en-US dictionary seems to have the vocabulary of a 5 year old. I had to turn the whole feature off everywhere because it was flagging even fairly commonly used words as misspelled.

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