AngularJS support for ReSharper

In case you haven’t already been introduced, AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web applications. It provides many of the services required to build such applications, not the least of which is a declarative approach to updating the UI. It favours the use of data binding and templates over direct DOM manipulation, and it makes it possible to create complex sites with a minimum of code. For more information, check out the examples on their home page, or take a look at the video tutorials by our very own John Lindquist.

We’ve just released a plugin that adds ReSharper support for some of AngularJS’ features (here’s a direct download link). It’s an initial version, so doesn’t cover everything, but what it provides should give you a helping hand in creating your sites. Currently, the plugin provides code-completion for Angular’s custom HTML attributes, and a bundle of Live Templates to make building common constructs easier.

Code completion will include all of AngularJS’ “ng-” attributes when editing HTML files, and include a description tooltip:

Code completion showing Angular attributes

It also supports the HTML5 “data-” prefixed versions of the same attributes.

Code completion with data prefixed attributes

And of course, since ReSharper has smart matching, you can type initials to quickly get to the start of the attribute you want. For example, you can type “dngbh” to get to the “data-ng-bind-html” attribute:

Code completion with smart matching

The plugin also ships with 26 Live Templates, based on the IntelliJ and WebStorm templates by Pawel Kozlowski and John Lindquist, respectively. They are split into functionality for directives, modules, scope, routing, html and global helpers. For example, you can use the “ngindex” template to create a simple HTML page to start your development,  or “ngb” to create a binding expression. These work in HTML or HTML-like files (Razor, ASPX, .html)

Expanding the binding template in a HTML file

The JavaScript templates can create code for directives, for loops, modules, routing and scope. These are available in JavaScript files, and within script tags in HTML-like files:

Expanding a scope function template

Please check out the templates explorer to get a full list, or to edit, add or remove templates.

This is just an initial release. We’d love to expand the feature set, supporting custom HTML element directives, navigation to model properties, binding expressions, and more. If there are any features you’d like to see, or if you find any bugs, please add a feature request to the Issues page. And of course, it’s Open Source – if you’d like to see a new feature, how about taking a crack at it? We’ll help.

Now, go and download it, and make lovely dynamic JavaScript applications.

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