ReSharper 8.0 Beta is Available

We just can’t get enough. A day after announcing the upcoming support of C++ in a future version of ReSharper, we’re getting back to the immediate task at hand, which is making version 8.0 happen.

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce that ReSharper 8.0 Beta is available for download! Get the Beta right now and try a load of new features and improvements that include:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview. Yes, ReSharper 8.0 Beta already works with Visual Studio 2013 Preview, and if you have already started digging into it, ReSharper 8.0 Beta is there for you.
  • Fix in Scope to batch-apply a set of ReSharper quick-fixes in the scope of a project or solution.
  • Project dependency viewer.
  • Multifile templates.
  • Navigation improvements including Go to Everything, Assembly Explorer, Navigate to Generic Substitutions and Navigate to Assembly Explorer.
  • New refactorings including Move Instance Method.
  • Enhanced XAML support with new code inspections, quick-fixes and refactorings.
  • More accessible code completion.
  • Extension Manager to make plug-in discovery and installation a breeze.
  • CSS support improvements in terms of usage search, code inspections and CSS version support.
  • Command-line tools.

For a more complete overview of ReSharper 8.0 Beta functionality, see What’s New in ReSharper 8.0 Beta, and for further details, read what we’ve already blogged about ReSharper 8.0 (and get ready for more blog posts).

If there’s anything about ReSharper 8.0 Beta that’s causing you trouble, be it regression cases, incomplete features, or performance and memory consumption problems, please contact ReSharper support, or just use the ReSharper icon in the toolbar of Visual Studio to submit your feedback.


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27 Responses to ReSharper 8.0 Beta is Available

  1. Anton says:

    It was sort of obvious it’d be supported on launch when I saw the greyed out VS2013 checkbox in the “Change” dialog of one of the EAPs of R# 8

  2. Joshka says:

    Youtrack needs a 8.0 beta version added.

  3. Mathias says:

    Will R#8 contain TypeScript support or new features for JavaScript?

  4. David Hanson says:

    Any updates on TypeScript support?

  5. @Anton Wasn’t the checkbox called “VS2014” back then? )

    @Joshka Right, thanks, will add asap.

    @David TypeScript support is in progress but release postponed to 8.1

  6. dubik says:

    Does Re8 Beta crash Vs2013 only for me?

  7. Sergey Kuks says:

    @dubik Could you please capture traces with windbg? Or run Visual Studio with ReSharper logs enabled (devenv /ReSharper.LogFile

  8. dubik says:

    @Sergey I don’t have windbg and it might take some time to install. I ran devenv /ReSharper.LogFile but couldn’t find the log. Where is it? Also how to disable R# without uninstalling it? What’s your email?

  9. coox says:

    @dubik oops. it looks like half of my message is gone. It should be
    devenv /ReSharper.LogFile full_path_to_log_file

  10. @Mathias
    Nothing substantial for JS. File Structure and Go to File Member have been reworked that specifically allows showing modules and lambdas, and code completion in JS has been optimized.
    TypeScript support is rescheduled for 8.1 (we’re working on that now but it’s still quite far from being complete).

  11. Sergey Kuks says:

    @dubik we managed to reproduce the crash in the scenario of Will fix on Monaday

  12. Stefan says:


    How far away is the resharper update to fix the problems with visual studio 2013? I had forgotten how terrible it is using visual studio without resharper!

  13. Joe White says:

    Any progress on fixing the scrolling bugs in the Find Results window (RSRP-371445)? I use Find Usages dozens of times a day, and if I can’t see all the results, it’s not doing its job.

    I’m still on EAP build, but one of my colleagues tried installing the beta and confirmed that Find Results scrolling is broken in the beta too.

  14. @Stefan

    We’ve made a fix to the problem internally and we’re looking to publish a new EAP build later this week that would include the fix.

  15. @Joe We’re look into this bug and see what we can do. If we’re able to reproduce quickly, then there’s a good chance that it makes it to 8.0 RTM. However seeing the repro steps you’ve cited, I’m not sure that it’s easy to reproduce.

  16. Joe White says:

    @Jura, I usually see this after just a few minutes of doing Find Usages to trace through code, so I wouldn’t expect it to be hard to reproduce. I haven’t spent enough time on it to have reliable repro steps, but it’s not subtle, either. (One of my colleagues advised the rest of the team not to bother installing the 8.0 beta because you can’t scroll in Find Results — and he didn’t even know I’d already reported it in YouTrack, so it’s not like he went looking for the problem.)

    Just do some normal coding, you’ll see it soon enough. If you have any trouble, please let me know (just post a comment on the YouTrack ticket) and I’ll see if I can find more time to spend on a repro case. But I don’t think it’ll be hard to see. Perhaps hard to track down (hard to tell with these things), but not hard to see.

  17. dubik says:

    @Sergey thanks, it doesn’t crash with

  18. @Joe Thanks, well look at it closely in coming days.

  19. shelby says:

    I downloaded the beta to replace my 7.1.3. The Beta version 8 works well on c# code, but it crashes repeatedly on my asp.NET web application. I had to turn it off, I have submitted the bug reports… I am working with Visual Studio 2010.

  20. @shelby
    Thanks for reporting the crashes! Have you reported them to our issue tracker or by contacting support?

  21. Palama says:

    @Jura Gorohovsky:
    You wrote: “TypeScript support is rescheduled for 8.1”

    Any news on this topic?

  22. @Palama
    No news, it’s still scheduled for 8.1

  23. Palama says:

    @Jura Gorohovsky:
    I’m looking forward to it. :-)

    All the best

  24. davidwroxy says:

    I ‘m having trouble installing it. Every time I run the setup I get an error saying “a DLL required for this install could not be run”

  25. @David
    Which ReSharper build are you trying to install? You’ve commented a post announcing a ReSharper Beta which is obsolete, which is why I’m asking.

  26. @Gorohovsky
    i’m having same problem with david,, my resharper is build ..

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