dotPeek 1.1 is Released

We’re finally done polishing the new version of our free .NET decompiler, and you can now download the final release of dotPeek 1.1.

Highlights of this update include:

  • Export Assembly to Project: based on high demand, we have enabled saving decompiled assemblies as Visual Studio projects.
  • Exploring projects in Assembly Explorer: you can now browse projects (.csproj files) and everything that’s included in them after generating the projects from decompiled sources.
  • BAML decompilation, meaning that if you’ve got a compiled WPF app, you can easily look at its XAML UI definitions.
  • Multiple decompiler improvements including better support for async methods and lambdas, LINQ expressions and field-like events.
  • Go to everything: following the footsteps of ReSharper 8, dotPeek 1.1 includes Go to Everything, a navigation command that enables navigating to either file, symbol or type within one menu.
  • Bookmarks have also made their way to dotPeek from ReSharper.
  • dotPeek now preserves window layout settings and the list of recently opened files between application launches.
  • In addition to the .msi installer, dotPeek is now also distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit executables, which supersede the previously available .zip archive distribution.

For the entire list of fixes and improvements made in version 1.1, see release notes.

Please download dotPeek 1.1 for even better decompilation experience!

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