JetBrains .NET Tools Tour in Sweden

Catch up with the .NET tools team September 3-7, 2013 for JetBrains Tour in Sweden. Over five days the team will visit four different cities sharing JetBrains .NET tools goodness.

JetBrains on Tour: September 3rd – September 5th

Dmitiri Nesteruk and Matt Ellis will be presenting ReSharper, dotCover, dotTrace and dotPeek in each of the following cities: Stockholm (Sept 3), Örebro (Sept 4), Gothenburg (Sept 5). They will cover:

What’s New in ReSharper 8 with Dmitri Nesteruk

In this talk, I will take you on a journey around the various new and improved features that have been introduced in the latest incarnation of ReSharper. We’ll take a look at improvements in code completion, navigation, XAML and CSS support as well as architecture tools, the new extension manager and other tools that help improve your development experience.

JetBrains and. NET. Not just ReSharper with Matt Ellis

Matt Ellis

ReSharper isn’t JetBrains’ only tool for .NET developers. Join me for an introduction to and overview of dotCover, dotTrace and dotPeek, and we’ll take a look at features and functionality for code coverage, performance profiling and code decompiling in JetBrains’ other tools for .NET.

Reserve your spot now before it’s too late!

JetBrains Day @ FooCafé in Malmö: September 7th

JetBrains Day @ FooCafe in Malmo

If you can make it, we recommend attending the last day of the tour for JetBrains Day @ FooCafé in Malmö (Sept 7). This special one-day event features 2 tracks and 10 talks by JetBrains folks and experts from the community covering an array of products and topics including ReSharper.

Come and spend an entire day with us, see the cool new projects we are working on, learn how to get the best out of JetBrains tools and hear how we use them internally. We’ll give you tips and tricks, tell you about features and share our war stories. If mobile is your thing, there will be an entire track dedicated to mobile development.

Important: There are a limited number of tickets that are available. Learn more and register now to meet the people behind the tools you love:

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