dotCover 2.6 Early Access Program Launched

Good news for those who has already started using Visual Studio 2013! Today we are launching the Early Access Program for dotCover 2.6 with Visual Studio 2013 support. Grab the latest EAP build and feel at home in your updated IDE.

Moreover, dotCover 2.6 integrates with the latest ReSharper 8.1 EAP builds.

Please download dotCover 2.6 EAP build, and don’t forget to let us know about any issues you might experience via dotCover issue tracker.

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6 Responses to dotCover 2.6 Early Access Program Launched

  1. Laurent Kempé says:


    You do not support NDepend as exporting options?

  2. Daria.Dovzhikova says:

    Yes, export to NDepend should work. Do you have any problems with it?

  3. Laurent Kempé says:

    It is not there in the Build 601

  4. Laurent Kempé says:

    Export shows only TEXT, XML and HTML

  5. Daria.Dovzhikova says:

    @Laurent, unfortunately we cannot reproduce this. Is it definitely coverage results that are not exporting to NDepend? As test runner export is available only in TEXT, XML and HTML.

  6. Laurent Kempé says:

    @Daria Sorry my fault I checked on the wrong dropdown it works perfectly!

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