ReSharper 8.1 Goes RTM along with dotCover, dotTrace

We’ve just cooked a joint release of three .NET tools!

The following RTM builds are available for download: ReSharper 8.1, dotCover 2.6 and dotTrace Performance 5.5.3.

(Updates to ReSharper SDK, dotTrace SDK and ReSharper Command Line Tools are all available, too.)

Now let’s elaborate on why you’d want to download and install all this.

ReSharper 8.1

We’ve announced most highlights of ReSharper 8.1 in the EAP launch post back in October and in subsequent feature-specific posts but let’s walk through the changes briefly once again.

  • We’ve added support for TypeScript highlighted by refactorings (Rename, Introduce Variable), navigation, code completion, rearranging code (including a fancy concept of greedy brace) and code inspections such as detecting unused parameters and invalid CSS references. For details on all these features, please see an earlier post entitled TypeScript Support in ReSharper 8.1
  • We’ve improved integration into Visual Studio 2013 and fine-tuned it to work better with the RTM release of the IDE. Dedicated integration with the two leading editor features of Visual Studio 2013, Peek Definition and Enhanced Scroll Bar, is also there. For details, see Visual Studio 2013 Support in ReSharper 8.1.
  • We’ve added more C# code inspections revealing potentially severe runtime issues such as InvalidCastExceptions in foreach loops and infinite for loops.
  • Project Dependency View has received a huge set of enhancements such as analysis of indirect project relationships (possible paths), support for Undo/Redo, polished UI and new context menu items, as well as a performance boost. For details in this area, refer to Architecture Tools: Improvements in ReSharper 8.1.
  • Richer JavaScript support including Structural Search and Replace (SSR), as well as improvements in renaming and navigating between/to JavaScript symbols.
  • We’ve made XAML support more solid by supporting Windows 8.1 XAML apps, introducing double completion in property elements and resources, and adding more typing assistance actions such as “Import types on paste”. Stay tuned for more details in this regard.
  • Find Results and Inspection Results tool windows have been revised to consume less memory, as well as enable pinning and unpinning tabs.
  • Miscellaneous improvements such as a better standard of support for high DPI monitors, 400+ bug fixes and 70 performance fixes.

Note that not all ReSharper plugins are ready for 8.1 and if you’re using plugins, you’ll see update notifications from the Extension Manager as new updates become available. Specifically please make sure to update the bundled NuGet plugin as it has received an important fix after we compiled the release build of ReSharper.

dotCover 2.6 & dotTrace Performance 5.5.3

First of all, when it comes to dotCover and dotTrace Performance, you should get your hands on them if you use the tools in conjunction with ReSharper: both tools integrate with ReSharper 8.1. Same story if you need the tools in Visual Studio 2013 where they integrate as well.

One additional point in favor of the latest dotCover is that it includes an Extension Manager similar to the one introduced in ReSharper 8.0 several months ago. dotCover doesn’t have an extension ecosystem as strong as ReSharper but the Extension Manager is still a great time saver when it comes to updating to new versions of plug-ins:

Does all of that sound convincing enough?

If it does, please download ReSharper 8.1, dotCover 2.6 and dotTrace Performance 5.5.3.

In terms of license eligibility, here’s a way to check if your licenses will work with these updates:

  • ReSharper 8.1 is a free upgrade for all personal and academic licensees who are eligible for ReSharper 8.0. It’s also a free upgrade with all commercial per-major-version licenses to 8.x, and with commercial subscription-based licenses purchased or renewed on December 12, 2012 or later.
  • dotCover 2.6 is a free upgrade for all licensees who have purchased or renewed their licenses on December 12, 2012 or later.
  • dotTrace Performance 5.5.3 is a free upgrade for all dotTrace Performance 5 licensees.

If you’re still not sure about your license eligibility, there’s always an option to contact JetBrains sales for clarification.

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11 Responses to ReSharper 8.1 Goes RTM along with dotCover, dotTrace

  1. Avatar

    Anton says:

    December 13, 2013

    Plzzz add less support 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Beyers Cronje says:

    December 13, 2013

    You say “… make sure to update the bundled NuGet plugin”. Can you please post the latest NuGet plugin version number? I just installed Resharper 8.1 and going to extension updates it shows that there are no updates for my installation.

    In addition, my installed plugins shows that I have “NuGet support for ReSharper” version 1.4.553.492 installed, but going to the Online list it does not show this version, instead it lists an older version 1.3.500 which according to the Extensions Manager I can install?

    Can you please clarify this for us?

  3. Avatar

    Matt Ellis says:

    December 13, 2013

    The NuGet plugin update isn’t out yet, it should be finished in the morning. ReSharper will notify you when the update is available. I’m not sure what the version number will be yet, I’ll add a comment once it’s available.

    The plugin you’ve got installed – version 1.4.553.492 – is the version bundled with the ReSharper 8.1 install. Normally, we’d also push this to the gallery so it was available for anyone to download, e.g. if you uninstall it. But since we’re pushing a new version through, we haven’t uploaded it, and so the gallery still has an old version. The extension manager shouldn’t let you install an older version. I’ll check that and log it as a bug.

    Does this help?

  4. Avatar

    Beyers Cronje says:

    December 13, 2013

    Matt, thank you for the feedback. It clarifies everything.

  5. Avatar says:

    December 13, 2013

    Thanks for a great tool. I hope RePlusPlus is available as a preview soon.

  6. Avatar

    Peter Šulek says:

    December 13, 2013

    For TypeScript, do you plan to support “JSDoc” documentation ?
    Like this:
    * Loads data
    * @param sourceData source json data to merge with created data from element values
    public load(sourceData: any) {}

    To support R# shotcuts like Ctrl+P or Ctrl+Q (documentation preview).

    • Avatar

      gorohoroh says:

      December 20, 2013

      No immediate plans to support JSDoc this far. As usual, a feature request in ReSharper issue tracker improves chances of implementing this support.

  7. Avatar

    Slava Trenogin says:

    December 13, 2013

    Beyers, final version of NuGet plugin is 1.4.556.503. It’s on ReSharper Gallery.

  8. Avatar

    Marcelo says:

    December 13, 2013

    Guys, I can’t believe that RS still reports errors on valid CSS files (usually, on the animation property), even after I reported those errors about 6 months ago…

    • Avatar

      gorohoroh says:

      December 20, 2013

      I think you’re referring to these two bugs.
      Looks like they haven’t been addressed this far, apologies. We’ll try to address them for 9.0

  9. Avatar

    Алексей says:

    December 13, 2013

    Супер, но памятую о прошлогодних скидках до 75 процентов, как то не хочется покупать, а вдруг опять скидки опять обидно будет) Но спасибо за супер решения

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