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ReSharper 8.2 is Released Along with dotTrace, dotCover Updates

We are still eager to deliver cross compatible joint releases, that’s why today we prepared a triple update for our .NET tools.

The following builds are already waiting for you to download and try: ReSharper 8.2, dotCover 2.7 and dotTrace Performance 5.5.4.

ReSharper 8.2, dotTrace 5.5.4 and dotCover 2.7

Here’s why these updates can be attractive to you:

ReSharper 8.2

As you might have already heard, lately we’ve been working on improving your TypeScript coding experience with ReSharper. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve done in this regard:

  • ReSharper 8.2 significantly expands TypeScript support with smart completion, Create From Usage quick fixes and Import Module context action, navigation combos, naming settings, support for generics and compiler defined errors highlighting. For details on these features, please see an earlier post, More TypeScript support in ReSharper 8.2.
  • Jasmine 2.0 support for ReSharper’s unit test runner that works with JavaScript and TypeScript files now.
  • Other enhancements including Quick Documentation fixes (including a fix to an epic bug that could be easily qualified as the best way to hang and crash Visual Studio), a long-awaited fix for the red code problem with Xamarin installed and another 140+ fixes.

Please note that not all ReSharper plugins are ready for 8.2 and if you’re using plugins, you’ll see update notifications from the Extension Manager as new updates become available.

dotCover 2.7 & dotTrace Performance 5.5.4

With this minor update dotCover receives a standalone test runner which can be most useful for running manual tests outside Visual Studio, as well as for analyzing coverage snapshots.

Both dotCover 2.7 and dotTrace Performance 5.5.4 provide integration with the updated ReSharper 8.2.

Please download ReSharper 8.2, dotCover 2.7 and dotTrace Performance 5.5.4.

In terms of license eligibility, here’s a way to check if your licenses will work with these updates:

  • ReSharper 8.2 is a free upgrade for all personal and academic licensees who are eligible for ReSharper 8.0. It’s also a free upgrade with all commercial per-major-version licenses to 8.x, and with commercial subscription-based licenses purchased or renewed on March 21, 2013 or later.
  • dotCover 2.7 is a free upgrade for all licensees who have purchased or renewed their licenses on March 21, 2013 or later.
  • dotTrace Performance 5.5.4 is a free upgrade for all dotTrace Performance 5 licensees.
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