Get dotMemory 4.1 Beta

It’s been a while since dotMemory 4.0 was released, and we’ve spent all this time baking a new batch of .NET memory profiling goodies for you. Please welcome dotMemory 4.1 Beta, bringing you more rigorous, convenient and beautiful profiling experience.

Here are the must-try features in dotMemory 4.1 Beta:

Disable/Enable collection allocations on the fly. To profile certain functionality of your app without slowing down all of its other areas, try disabling allocations collection directly from the real-time profiling control view. Feel free to comment on DMRY-2317 in dotMemory issue tracker.
Collection allocations
Detect more common issues in a single click. To help you focus on what really needs your attention, we’ve added a new automatic inspection: String duplicates detects the issue and shows how much memory is wasted (DMRY-2232). Two more recently added automatic inspections, both related to WPF, were announced earlier in v4.0.10.
String duplicates inspection
Copy, save and share profiling results. Simply press Ctrl+C to copy current analysis results to the clipboard. Selection and copying of multiple rows is supported for all “Type List” views, all nicely formatted and ready to be compared or shared (DMRY-454).
Formatted copy of analysis results
Get more data on GC roots. Starting from this update, dotMemory shows you the name of the field through which a static object is referenced. (DMRY-774). Later we plan to publish a good read on GC roots basics, so stay tuned.
Named static reference
Enjoy restyled UI icons. Our notion of profiling is that it should be clear, productive and even beautiful. That’s why this update features new great-looking UI icons for your viewing pleasure.
Refreshed UI icons
Name your analysis. Easily order and manage multiple memory investigations by providing your analysis tabs with custom names. Never again get lost in loads of various unnamed analyses.
Custom analysis name

dotMemory 4.1 should be out in just a couple of weeks. For now, go ahead, download dotMemory 4.1 Beta and try on all the new things shipped with this update. Feel free to share any feedback you may have:

We’re eager to hear from you, and make dotMemory 4.1 better with your help and input.

Profile with pleasure!
The dotMemory Team

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