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ReSharper 9.2 Release Candidate

We have today published Release Candidate builds of ReSharper 9.2, ReSharper C++ 1.1, dotPeek 1.5, dotCover 3.2, dotTrace 6.2 and dotMemory 4.4.

The final release of ReSharper 9.2 and the entire ReSharper Ultimate toolset is expected later this month. To help us make sure that there are no critical regressions, please download and try the Release Candidate.

This list of pending bug and performance reports is what currently separates ReSharper 9.2 from the final release. If more of you start using the Release Candidate, we might be able to locate and fix even more issues in time for the release.

As a reminder, ReSharper 9.2 will refine integration with Visual Studio 2015 RTM (including fixing as many performance problems as we can), provide support for Windows 10 Developer Tools, improve support for TypeScript (including 1.5), and introduce a non-modal version of Find Usages. ReSharper C++ 1.1 will add a unit test runner supporting Google Test.

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