ReSharper 10 EAP 4

This past weekend we have published a new ReSharper 10 EAP build, along with compatible builds of other ReSharper Ultimate tools. This time notable changes are available in ReSharper, ReSharper C++ and dotPeek. Let’s see exactly what the latest EAP has in store.


NUnit 3.0 Beta 4

As the new major version of NUnit is approaching release, we have laid the groundwork to support it in ReSharper test runner. We’ll definitely need to make more changes in order to support the release version of NUnit 3.0 but this far, the latest Beta 4 is supported.
ReSharper starts to support NUnit 3.0

Note that at this point, there’s a critical issue with NUnit 3.0 Beta 4 support in that you can’t run inherited tests in hierarchies of fixtures. We’re looking to fix this although we might need help from the NUnit team.

Device family-specific views in UWP applications

Universal Windows Platform enables using device family-specific XAML views to provide different UI for different types of devices. We have taught ReSharper to handle this technique with dedicated code inspections, quick-fixes and context actions.
Quick fixes to support device family-specific XAML views in UWP applications

Other changes

For your information, here’s the full list of fixes that made it into ReSharper 10 EAP 4.


Async Find Usages

dotPeek has introduced the non-modal, async Find Usages mechanic that has been available in ReSharper since version 9.1, which lets you keep on working with the decompiler while it executes a long usage search in the background.

More ways to view IL code

In other news, you can now opt to show IL code as comments to decompiled C# code, which effectively merges its default text viewer and the normally separate IL Viewer window, all in one view. This is not a default, and you should select Show IL code in comments in dotPeek options in order to turn this mode on.

IL code shown as comments in dotPeek

Finally, you can now make dotPeek display IL code not only for decompiled code but also for source code reproduced from symbol files.

ReSharper C++

In addition to a set of fixes, this ReSharper C++ EAP build includes a set of noteworthy changes:

  • Support for designated initializers defined in C99.
  • More ways to generate definitions inline via context actions and the Generate dialog.
  • A code inspection and a quick-fix to make functions static when possible.

What’s next?

We’re planning to release further EAP builds, hopefully more than once a week. However, very soon we’ll be wrapping up development so that we can meet the target release date for ReSharper 10 and other ReSharper Ultimate tools, which is set to November 2.

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16 Responses to ReSharper 10 EAP 4

  1. Avatar

    Dmytro says:

    October 13, 2015

    Any plans to integrate Xunit directly into ReSharper without any extensions?

    • Avatar

      Jura Gorohovsky says:

      October 13, 2015

      We do want to make this happen although definitely not in 10.0

  2. Avatar

    jalpesh vadgama says:

    October 13, 2015

    One more thing I noticed that lots of plugins which are left behind your releases. I think community and Jetbrains both need to figure out ways how we can make this support very quickly.

    For example Angular Plugin still there in 9.1.x versions. Even its not there in 9.2. I have to degrade my version of resharper due to that because I need that resharper plugin.

    Let me know if any help I can do to upgrade this package.


    • Avatar

      Mackenzie Zastrow says:

      October 13, 2015

      Could we more loosely couple the plugins from versions? As JetBrains begins to release more often, I feel like plugins will get out of date much faster, especially because they are not even compatible among minor releases.

    • Avatar

      Jura Gorohovsky says:

      October 14, 2015

      Jalpesh, what you’re saying is correct: plugins can take significant time to be updated for each new ReSharper release. The situation is already better than several years ago as we now have people responsible for interacting with the plugin dev community and helping out in updating plugins. However, there’s certainly room for improvement.

      Specifically the Angular plugin is AFAIK expected to update for 9.2 and 10 in coming days.

      • Avatar

        jalpesh vadgama says:

        October 15, 2015

        I think there should be a guidance from jetbrains how community can update their extensions to newer version.

        • Avatar

          Matt Ellis says:

          October 15, 2015

          We agree, and do work with the community, provide guidance and even pull requests to try and get things updated in time. We also have our forums, a Google group and keep an eye on the resharper tags on StackOverflow. We’re not always successful at getting everything updated in time (the Angular plugin was the victim this time), but we’re certainly trying, and working to improve the situation with each release.

          • Avatar

            jalpesh vadgama says:

            October 20, 2015

            Thanks Matt, Let me know If I can help you guys for updating some of the plugins which are not updated. As a part of community effort.

  3. Avatar

    Fabio Maulo says:

    October 13, 2015

    Any plan to support MVC6 and its TagHelpers ?
    DNX ?
    in new DNX environment the problem is: “where is now tha class I know?”
    R# may know where is it and auto add the package in project.json

    a +1 for the out of the box support for xUnit

    • Avatar

      Jura Gorohovsky says:

      October 14, 2015

      Sure, support for ASP.NET 5 is currently in progress. It won’t make it to ReSharper 10 (as ASP.NET 5 apparently won’t release until early 2016) but we’ll roll out updates after v10 based on ASP.NET release schedule.

      • Avatar

        Robert Hoffmann says:

        November 25, 2015

        True that ASP.NET 5 is scheduled for early 2016

        But RC1 has a go-live license right now, so it’s pretty much like it’s already been released.

  4. Avatar

    Rob Prouse says:

    October 18, 2015

    Jura, get in touch for help with NUnit support. If we need to make changes in NUnit, we need to get them in soon. We just released beta 5 and hope to get the RC out within a few weeks. We also have a special mailing list for people that are working on NUnit runners. We should get you and your team on it.

    Contact me at the email on this comment and I can get you the help you need. ReSharper support is very important to the NUnit team, so we will do whatever we can to help.

    • Avatar

      Jura Gorohovsky says:

      October 19, 2015

      Thanks a lot for approaching us, Rob.

      AFAIK Serjic Shkredov is already in touch with you via GitHub. We’re hoping to support NUnit 3.0 Beta 5 as soon as possible and we’ll figure out if we have any more questions then.

  5. Avatar

    John Weeder says:

    November 6, 2015

    My recommendation to everyone is to NOT download 10 until it is fixed. Extensions have been left behind. Performance is horrendous (just took nearly 5 minutes to do a “rename” which used to take seconds. scanning a project – not a solution – for issues is easily taking 10 times as long). Unit test support is broken in numerous ways. Output is not captured. Test status is not updated.

    This update appeared as a little icon at the bottom of visual studio and I thought this was a solid release and I dutifully applied the update. Now I am busily trying to figure out how to uninstall it. Don’t be like me.

  6. Avatar

    Todd Menier says:

    March 3, 2016

    As of ReSharper 10.0.2 and NUnit 3.0.1, we are still unable to run _inherited_ tests in either VS 2013 or 2015. Can you confirm that this is still a known issue? I did a little digging through YouTrack and couldn’t find an exact match for this particular issue.

    • Avatar

      Dmitry Matveev says:

      March 7, 2016

      Hi Todd,
      The issue is scheduled to be fixed in 10.1. Here is the link to the issue. You are welcome to watch and upvote.

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